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Who should I hire to help with my construction debris removal?

Hiring a junk removal company is undoubtedly the fastest, easiest, and most labor-free way to get rid of piles of construction debris.

Hiring a local junk removal company to assist with your construction debris removal project is a great option. Not only do they thoroughly understand local disposal laws, but they also typically provide better customer service, lower prices, and faster, more responsive services.

How much does construction debris removal cost?

Construction debris removal minimum fees generally start at around $100 for very small pick-ups and increase from there.

The cost of construction and demolition debris removal ranges from $300-$1,000 based on U.S. national averages but can be more or less depending on your specific disposal needs. The best way to find out what a competitive junk removal price is in your area is to contact several companies for quotes.

What do companies do with construction debris they take?

The goal of most construction debris removal companies (or the reputable ones, anyway) is to recycle and repurpose materials whenever possible. Materials and items that cannot be recycled are hauled off to local landfills.