Dumpster Rental in Reno, NV

Rent a dumpster today in Reno, Nevada to clean up construction debris, household junk, roofing debris, or yard waste.  See recent reviews from real customers and choose a roll off service with a great reputation for timely delivery and fair prices. 

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We're a family-owned and operated waste removal company that has been serving the Reno area with affordable trash hauling services since 2000. Trashco provides dumpster rental for commercial, residential, and industrial size projects. Unlike other companies, we let you keep the containers for 2 weeks!

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Information about Renting a Roll-Off in Reno

About renting a dumpster in Reno, NV:

    • The City of Reno is franchised for residential weekly and commercial solid waste pick up; this means that the city has certain companies that are to be used for regular curbside garbage removal
    • The City of Reno is NOT franchised for roll off dumpster rental; you can choose from any local waste removal service to rent a dumpster or "drop box"
    • Check with Reno's Public Works Office or the Residential Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Ordinance for Reno, NV for more information

What are roll off dumpsters in Reno used for?

Renting a dumpster is ideal for home clean-outs of an attic, garage, or basement. A temporary dumpster (often called a drop box in Reno) is also a good solution for roofing debris, construction & demolition debris, yard waste and and other bulk waste.

More tips on renting a dumpster in Reno, NV

Tips to save money on renting a roll-off container

An informed customer is one that can get the best deal. Here are some must-know tips:

  1. Get quotes from multiple dumpster rental companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal
  2. Avoid additional fees, such as overages and late fees, by being wary of these potential add-ons and planning accordingly
  3. When in doubt about dumpster size, go with the bigger one. The difference in price is usually less than the cost of paying overage fees.
  4. Ask the rental company if they accept “clean loads” for recycling. If so, you may get a discount rate since recycling the debris typically costs them less compared to the tipping fees at local landfills.

Examples of the amount of debris that can fit into each dumpster size

This will help give you a general idea of what type and how much debris can fit inside a roll-off container.

10 yard bin

  • Garage or basement cleanout
  • 250 square foot deck removal
  • Small kitchen or bath remodeling project

20 yard container

  • Two-stall garage cleanout
  • 400 square foot deck removal
  • Up to 3,000 square foot of roofing shingles (single layer)

30 yard dumpster

  • Whole-house window or siding replacement
  • Garage demolition
  • Foreclosure cleanouts

40 yard roll-off

  • Commercial roofing project
  • New construction
  • Large home or commercial building cleanout

How to estimate the volume of waste, junk or debris you have

This is one of the most difficult aspects of choosing a container size. Luckily, rental companies are experienced in handling a wide variety of loads ranging from household junk to roofing shingle debris. They can help you choose the ideal container size for the job.

You can also estimate the amount of debris yourself by physically measuring it and converting it to cubic yards. 1 cubic yard is equal to a 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft. item or pile of debris. Due to the varying container dimensions, bulky or irregularly shaped items may consume quite a bit of volume in the container. It’s best you discuss this with your dumpster rental provider.