How Much It Costs to Clean Out Your Garage, Basement, Attic, or Entire Home

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When it’s time to clean out a part of your home or the entire house, hiring a junk removal company to handle the project is the most efficient solution.

Junk removal companies handle all the heavy lifting and disposal involved with home cleanouts for you.

Best of all, these professionals are usually able to complete the job within a day or less.

Junk removal prices vary based primarily on these factors:

  • Where you live
  • Size of the project
  • Complexity
  • Type of waste

Junk removal rates vary from company to company, as well, though many companies will quote prices based on the load volume, or how much space the junk takes up in the truck.

It’s important to do your due diligence before accepting a price and hiring a company for the job. This is especially true if it’s a whole-home cleanout that can cost, at a minimum, hundreds of dollars if not thousands.

To save on junk removal costs, we suggest getting junk removal quotes from at least three junk removal service providers before hiring one.

We also recommend making pick-up as easy as possible for the junk removal workers in order to reduce their workload to save time and money.

In this guide, we'll discuss nationwide pricing for popular residential junk cleanout projects, like garage cleanouts, basement cleanouts, attic cleanouts, and property cleanouts.

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How much it costs for residential junk removal

Garage Cleanouts

garage filled with junk and boxes

Garage cleanout services involve removing junk or items from attached or detached garages, sheds, small barns, or small outbuildings.

Garages tend to offer easy access for the junk removal company, so the cleanout can be completed quite quickly in most cases.

Since it’s a relatively quick job for a junk removal company, garage junk removal projects are fairly affordable compared to other cleanout methods, like a dumpster rental.

Average Cost of Garage Cleanouts: $300-$500

Basement Cleanouts

dirty basement with dust and random junk

Cleaning out a basement can offer additional challenges compared to garage cleanouts due to accessibility.

Having to walk up and down stairs, as well as sometimes having limited space to operate in, can increase the time needed to complete a full basement cleanout.

So as you might expect, professional basement cleanout services will likely cost more than garage cleanout services.

Average Cost of Basement Cleanouts: $300-$600

Attic Cleanouts

attic with discarded furniture

Similarly to basements, cleaning out an attic brings challenges for junk removal companies in terms of access and the labor required to finish the job.

For example, having to climb a ladder into the attic and remove (sometimes large) items can pose a challenge for junk removal companies.

The additional risks call for more cautious service which can take more time and increase costs.

Average Cost of Attic Cleanouts: $300-$600

Whole-Home Cleanouts

home cluttered with bags and various items

The cost for a professional estate cleanout can range in price quite significantly based on the size of the home and size/complexity of the project.

The job may entail several truckloads and multiple workers to complete the job.

The more junk you have the more time and manpower it takes, the higher the cost of your home cleanout will be.

Factors that greatly increase home cleanout costs include:

  • Hoarding situations
  • Mold and/or toxic substance removal
  • Large homes

Average Cost of Estate Cleanouts: $750-$1,500+

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