How Much It Costs to Clean Out a Cluttered Basement

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Updated June 9, 2022

Cleaning out a cluttered basement can provide numerous benefits for your health and the accessibility and resale value of your home. 

Hiring a junk removal service to clean out your basement can cost as low as a few hundred bucks for a small cleanout or as high as $800-$2,000 for larger projects.

In this blog, we'll go over the different price factors and benefits to hiring a junk removal company to help you clean out your cluttered basement.

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Average Cost to Clean Out a Basement

The national average price to hire a junk removal company to clean out a very cluttered basement is $800-$2,000, but can be as low as a few hundred bucks for smaller jobs.

The exact cost of a basement cleanout depends on a number of factors, like:

  • Amount of junk in your basement
  • Time it takes to remove your items
  • Type of material to get rid of
  • Presence of hazardous materials
  • Accessibility of your basement
  • Where you are located
  • Who you hire

Amount of Junk in Your Basement

Junk removal pros price their services based on the amount of space your items take up in their hauling vehicle.

If the junk removal company plans to haul your items to a landfill, they'll be charged a fee based on the weight of the items being dumped.

If the junk removal company intends on donating your items to a resale store or charity, they'll base their price more on the amount of space your items take up in their truck versus the total weight of your items.

The volume and weight of your items will be one of the biggest factors that will determine what your particular basement cleanout will cost.

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Time It Takes to Remove Your Items

The longer your project takes to complete, the more you'll be charged in labor fees.

If you've gone through your items and made easily accessible piles for the junk removal pros to quickly come in and load into their hauling truck, you'll pay less than if they have to sort through piles of unorganized junk.

Pro Tip: Separate your junk into a pile to donate, a pile to recycle, and a pile to throw away for a faster, potentially cheaper junk removal service.

Type of Material to Get Rid Of

Cluttered, unorganized basement

If all your items are in gently used condition and can be dropped off at a donation center, your junk removal service won't have to consider the fees associated with dumping at a landfill when pricing your basement cleanout.

Recyclables and items that can be donated are very cheap, if not free, when compared to the cost of trash disposal.

Presence of Hazardous Materials

Items that need specialized disposal methods are much more expensive to get rid of than common household trash. 

Some examples of household hazardous waste includes (but is not limited to):

  • Automotive fluid
  • Batteries
  • Bleach
  • Bug and pest spray/killers
  • Insulation
  • Items with mold or asbestos
  • Kitchen/bathroom cleaners
  • Lawn fertilizers
  • Medication
  • Motor oil
  • Paint cans (including empty ones with residual residue)
  • Pool chemicals
  • Rubber tires
  • Varnish/stain

Not all junk removal services accept hazardous waste, so be sure to be as specific as possible about your project needs if you believe you may need the removal of hazardous material.

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Accessibility of Your Basement

If your basement is hard to get to, has a difficult stairway, has any structural damage, or is in hoarding condition, you can expect to pay more for your basement cleanout.

Navigating a delicate or hard-to-reach room requires more time and therefor, more labor.

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Where You Are Located

The cost of living in your area will affect the price of most goods and services near you, including junk removal services.

Local landfill fees, fuel prices, and other standard overhead costs influence how junk removal companies in your area will price their services.

Who You Hire

No two junk removal companies are made the same and pricing, quality of customer service, and availability will vary from service to service.

Locally-owned junk removal services tend to offer the best pricing in comparison to their large chain competitors. 

Finding local junk removal companies is easy with Hometown. You can find licensed, insured, reputable junk removal companies that service your area, read verified reviews, and request free quotes from as many providers as you'd like, all in one easy place.

Average Cost of DIY Basement Cleanout

Dumpster in residential driveway full of household items

If you'd rather do a basement cleanout yourself, renting a dumpster is a convenient and affordable way to dispose of large amounts of trash at once.

An average size basement cleanout could be accommodated with a 10 yard dumpster, but a larger, more cluttered basement will likely require a 20 yard dumpster or even 30 yard dumpster in extreme cases.

The average national cost to rent a 10 yard dumpster is $250-$450, while the average cost to rent a 20 yard dumpster is $350-$550.

If you're unsure if a 10 yard dumpster will be large enough to handle your cleanout project, renting a larger dumpster could save you money in the long run.

If you rent a 10 yard dumpster and end up needing to rent a second dumpster to complete the job, your disposal costs will immediately double.

Renting a dumpster twice the size could save you hundreds of dollars and also allow you to tackle other areas of your home that may need to be cleaned out.

It's important to take into consideration the value of your time when deciding whether you should hire a junk removal company or rent a dumpster.

If saving money is your objective, renting a dumpster might be your best option. 

If saving time is the goal, hiring a junk removal company to clean out your basement is likely the way to go.

If you've price shopped both dumpster rentals and junk removal companies in your area and your project is going to cost a similar amount regardless of the service you choose, junk removal is normally the easiest, most stress-free option.

Just like with junk removal services, finding a locally-owned dumpster rental company in your area is just a few clicks away on Hometown. 

By searching our zip code, you'll be shown reputable, local dumpster rentals in your area. You can read real, verified reviews and request as many free dumpster rental quotes as you'd like to ensure you get the best price and quality of service.

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Benefits of a Basement Cleanout

Dimly lit, messy basement

There are many benefits to decluttering your basement, like:

  • Calms allergies
  • Deters pests
  • Cultivates a happy environment
  • Gets you moving
  • Minimizes fall-related injuries
  • Alleviates anxiety and depression
  • Saves money
  • Boosts home's value

There are plenty of reasons to clean out your messy basement and there are many ways to get it done, but hiring a junk removal service to do the hard labor for you can get you desired results much quicker than if you tackle the project by yourself.

Experienced junk removal companies have the ability to empty out large rooms full of unwanted items, donate salvageable items to local charities, recycle items that are accepted in local recycling programs, and dispose of the rest. 

If you decide to rent a dumpster instead, there are many different ways to save money on your upcoming dumpster rental.

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