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Updated March 15, 2024

Several factors influence the cost of junk removal services. Understanding these factors can help you estimate expenses and plan your budget effectively.

The best way to really know what your junk removal project will cost is to reach out to local junk removal services for a quote. However, if you'd like to estimate the average cost of your junk removal project, we've broken it down for you.


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Junk removal costs are based on multiple factors:

  • Volume of junk
  • Type of junk
  • Location
  • Accessibility
  • Special requirements
  • Junk removal company you hire

Volume of Junk

The amount of junk you have to remove is the most significant cost factor. Junk removal companies typically charge based on the volume of junk, often measured in how much space the junk takes up in their truck or trailer. The more junk you have, the higher your junk removal cost will be.

The average cost of junk removal services is $300-$1,000, but your junk removal project could be smaller and less expensive or larger and more expensive.

Let's take a closer look at the average cost for junk removal based on truck load size...

Truck Load Size Average Cost
1/8 Truck load $75-$100 (Minimum Charge)
1/4 Truck load $100-$200
1/2 Truck load $200-$400
3/4 Truck load $300-$600
Full truck load $400-$800


Here's a look at how much truck load space popular junk removal projects require...

Project Type Truck Load Size
Furniture removal 1/4-3/4 truck load
Attic, basement, or garage cleanout 1/2-Full truck load
Whole home cleanout Full truck load (may require multiple trips)
Estate cleanout 1-2 full truck loads
Hoarding cleanout 2-3 full truck loads

Note: Companies structure their prices differently. These are average costs, and your junk removal project could cost more or less for the same truck load or project type.


Type of Junk

The next big factor impacting the cost of junk removal is the type of items you need to dispose of.

Here's a look at the average cost for different junk removal projects based on the type of junk...

Project Type Average Cost
Minimum fee $75-$100
Furniture removal $150-$500
Attic, basement, or garage cleanout $200-$800
Whole home cleanout $500-$2,000
Estate cleanout $800-$2,000
Hoarding cleanout $1,000-$3,000


Many junk removal companies don't accept hazardous waste, but those that do accept this type of waste, like cleaning chemicals or paint, require special handling and disposal procedures that can cost anywhere from $50-$500 on average. Similarly, as you can see above, hoarding cleanouts are significantly more expensive than a whole home cleanout because they often involve the need for hazardous disposal, like animal droppings, old food waste, mold, etc., in addition to the significant labor requirements.

Large or bulky items, like pool tables or pianos, may also incur additional fees due to their size and weight and the additional safety precautions and labor required to haul it away properly. Heavy item fees range from $50-$100 on average.


Geographic location plays a role in determining junk removal costs. Prices may vary based on local disposal fees, transportation costs, and competition among junk removal companies. Urban areas with higher living costs tend to have higher junk removal rates compared to rural areas.

Similarly, the distance between the pickup location and the disposal site can impact costs. Longer distances may incur higher transportation expenses, especially if multiple trips are required to remove all the junk.


The accessibility of the junk being removed can affect pricing. If the items are located in a difficult-to-reach area, such as an attic or basement, it may require more labor or specialized equipment to remove, leading to higher costs.

Special Requirements

Special requirements, such as same-day service, after-hours removal, or additional labor like disassembling an item before it can be removed, may result in extra charges. Be sure to discuss any special needs or requests with the junk removal company upfront to avoid surprises.

Some junk removal companies offer additional services, such as demolition, clean-up, or sorting of items. These services may come at an extra cost, so be sure to inquire about pricing for any additional services you may require.

Who You Hire

The company you hire matters, too! It's always best practice to get multiple quotes from locally-owned companies near you to make sure that you're getting a competitive price. Hometown can help you find multiple service providers near you and request a free estimate from as many providers as you'd like. Keep in mind that booking junk removal services during a company's slow season might allow the opportunity for discounted prices. The busy season for junk removal services is usually spring and summer in most regions.

Different companies charge different prices for junk removal services and may structure their pricing differently. Some may charge a flat fee based on the items being removed or for the space it takes up in their truck. Most companies have minimum fees just for making the trip out to you, even if you only have a single item, like a treadmill or an old couch.

For larger jobs, like home cleanouts, labor costs can contribute significantly, and some companies may charge a higher labor cost than others. 

The cost of junk removal can vary depending on your location as well. In areas where labor and disposal fees are higher, you can expect to pay more for your junk removal. Similarly, if the junk removal company you hire is not close to you, your costs may go up due to transportation and hauling fees.

Overall, it's a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies and compare their services and pricing to find the best option for your needs.

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