The Health Benefits of Decluttering

cleaning and decluttering health benefits

Updated February 23, 2023

A cluttered home comes with a myriad of safety and health risks.

Decluttering your home not only rids your space of unsightly junk, but it can positively impact your health, too.

This article will go over some of the best benefits of decluttering your space...

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Calms Allergies

A cluttered home makes it easier for dust, pet hair, and mold to hide in your home, making it the perfect environment for allergens.

Clutter also contributes to poor ventilation, which can encourage mold growth, especially in warm, humid environments.

Decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your house will eliminate existing allergens and help to prevent the accumulation of them in the future.

Make it a habit to regularly dust, clean, and declutter your home to keep harmful allergens in check.

Improves Sleep Quality

Household clutter, especially in the bedroom, can lead to disrupted sleep patterns.

Research has linked cluttered bedrooms to poor sleep due to stress and depression.

To ensure you get a good night’s sleep, keep your bedroom (and the rest of your home) clear of any unnecessary clutter.

Cultivates a Happy Environment

If you live alone, your clutter can negatively impact your mood.

But if you live with others, like your family or roommates, then your clutter also impacts their mood.

Likewise, their clutter can increase your stress levels as well.

This is why it's so important to maintain a clean and tidy space, especially when you share it with others.

A clean space not only fosters healthier relationships, but it can also improve our overall emotional and mental health.

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Gets You Moving

Decluttering your home, in itself, gets your body moving, which can boost your mood.

Moving around, gathering and organizing items, packing boxes, and carrying things from one place to another can be quite the workout.

Sure, it can be tiring, but the work you're doing while moving your body is rewarding on multiple levels:

  • You are cleaning your space of dust and other harmful allergens.
  • You get your heartrate up and can burn some serious calories.

Every time you declutter and clean your home or office, you're accomplishing two things at once and becoming healthier in more ways than one.

Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

Clutter has been proven to produce high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can result in anxiety and depression.

In addition to the physical effects, clutter is downright frustrating; you can't find what you're looking for when you need it, and it makes day-to-day tasks more of a headache.

To stay on top of clutter, put away new purchases or old items as soon as possible, and make sure everything has its own 'home.'

It may seem tedious, but doing so will prevent clutter from piling up, and therefore stress from piling up as well.

Rent a Dumpster or Hire a Junk Removal Service to Help

When you're doing a deep clean or declutter of your entire home, you're likely to have a huge pile of items that you don't quite know what to do with.

Oftentimes, you can donate much of the items you no longer use at a local charity.

For the items that aren't still useable, we recommend renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal company to assist with the junk and waste disposal.

A dumpster rental is a great option for ongoing or large projects.

Coming in multiple sizes—most commonly, 10 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, and 40 yard—dumpsters can accommodate a decluttering project that's quite large or relatively small.

Oftentimes, you can rent a dumpster for a week or more and fill it up as you go.

Once it's full or your rental period is over, you can have the dumpster picked up and your debris hauled away and disposed of.

A junk removal service provider is typically a more cost-efficient option if you have a few large items to dispose of.

Otherwise, a dumpster is generally the less expensive choice for junk and debris disposal.

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