How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Concrete Dumpster?

Concrete dumpster rental

Updated June 1, 2023

Just like any dumpster rental, there are several factors that affect a concrete dumpster's cost.

The size of the roll-off container, how much the concrete weighs, where you're located, and disposal fees in your area all come into play when receiving a dumpster rental quote.

When renting a concrete dumpster, there are a number of things to keep in mind, and this article will go over them in detail.

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How Much Does Concrete Debris Weigh?

concrete debris in a dumpster

Concrete is a low-volume type of debris, but it is extremely heavy.

Generally speaking, a 10 yard dumpster is usually big enough to dispose of the debris from a concrete slab, driveway, or patio.

However, the weight limit of a 10 yard dumpster may not be enough to accommodate the weight of your concrete debris.

It comes as no surprise that concrete is ridiculously heavy, but not many people realize how quickly that weight adds up.

Average Weight of Concrete

On average, one cubic yard of concrete weighs approximately 4,000 lbs, or 2 tons.

Most concrete surfaces, like driveways, slabs, patios, etc., are poured about 4 inches thick, so use this measurement when calculating your estimates.

Consider these examples to get a better idea of how much your project's debris might weigh...

Single-Car Driveway

Dimensions: 40 ft L x 10 ft W x 4 in. D

Amount of Debris: 5 cubic yards of concrete

Weight of Debris: 2 tons per yard of concrete = 10 tons total

Double-Car Driveway

Dimensions: 40 ft L x 20 ft W x 4 in. D

Amount of Debris: 10 cubic yards of concrete

Weight of Debris: 2 tons per yard of concrete = 20 tons total


Dimensions: 15 ft L x 10 ft W x 4 in. D

Amount of Debris: 2 cubic yards of concrete

Weight of Debris: 2 tons per yard of concrete = 4 tons total

Pathway or Sidewalk

Dimensions: 15 ft L x 2 ft W x 4 in. D

Amount of Debris: 0.4 cubic yards of concrete

Weight of Debris: 2 tons per yard of concrete = 0.8 tons total

If you fill a 10 yard dumpster halfway with concrete, it will weigh approximately 20,250 lbs, or 10.125 tons.

If you fill a 10 yard dumpster one-third of the way with concrete, it will weigh approximately 13,500 lbs, or 6.75 tons.

It's important to understand the average weight of concrete so you don't overfill your dumpster and get stuck paying dumpster overage fees.

When calling around, be sure to give companies as many details as possible about the job you're doing, and ask them about their dumpster weight limits, as it will vary from one provider to the next.

They'll be able to give you an accurate estimate and help you choose the right dumpster size based on the amount of concrete you're removing.

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How Much Does a Concrete Removal Dumpster Cost?

paying for a dumpster rental

We surveyed 30 markets to see how much it costs on average to rent a 10 yard dumpster for clean loaded concrete.

On average, dumpster rental companies charge $350-$450 for a 10 yard dumpster rental for heavy debris, and they include an average of 9,000-12,000 lbs in their quotes.

It's also worth noting that these companies charged fees of varying degrees for exceeding their given weight limit (e.g. disposal fee, overage charge, unloading fee, equipment damage, etc.)

The chart below outlines how much a 10 yarder for heavy debris costs throughout various metro areas in the U.S.

Real-Life Examples of 10 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices for Heavy Debris

State Metro Area Average Cost
Alabama Birmingham, AL $300 w/ 6,000 lbs
Arizona Phoenix, AZ $450 w/ 20,000 lbs
California Oakland, CA $625 w/ 25,000 lbs
California Orange County, CA $525 w/ 12,000 lbs
Colorado Boulder, CO $325 w/ 6,000 lbs
Colorado Denver, CO $325 w/ 6,000 lbs
Georgia Atlanta, GA $350 w/ 8,000 lbs
Georgia Dawsonville, GA $325 w/ 6,000 lbs
Illinois Bloomington, IL $400 flat rate; half-full container
Illinois Chicago, IL $375 w/ 20,000 lbs
Indiana Indianapolis, IN $300 w/ 4,000 lbs
Iowa Davenport, IA $400 w/ 4,000 lbs
Maryland Rockville, MD $400 w/ 2,000 lbs
Massachusetts Boston, MA $550 w/ 6,000 lbs
Michigan Allegan, MI $250 w/ 20,000 lbs
Michigan St. Joseph, MI $325 w/ 4,000 lbs
Missouri St. Louis, MO $300 w/ 20,000 lbs
Nevada Las Vegas, NV $350 w/ 16,000 lbs
Nevada Reno, NV $400 w/ 22,000 lbs
New Jersey Cherry Hill, NJ $350 w/ 12,000 lbs
New Mexico Albuquerque, NM $300 w/ 4,000 lbs
New York Long Island, NY $450 flat rate
New York New York City, NY $625 flat rate
New York Westchester County, NY $475 w/ 20,000 lbs
North Carolina Louisburg, NC $350 w/ 3,000 lbs
Ohio Cincinnati, OH $325 w/ 1,000 lbs
Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA $450 w/ 6,000 lbs
Texas Austin, TX $350 w/ 8,000 lbs
Utah St. George, UT $400 w/ 10,000 lbs
Virginia Virginia Beach, VA $300 w/ 8,000 lbs


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Why Is Clean Loading a Dumpster Beneficial?

different types of dumpster loads

To avoid additional dumpster fees, we recommend keeping every other type of material out of your concrete dumpster.

This is called "clean loading," and it allows for the concrete to be recycled easily.

Once recycled, it can be reused as aggregate for roads and other surfaces.

By clean loading the dumpster and recycling the concrete material rather than dumping it at the landfill, you'll not only help save the environment but you'll also save a bundle in disposal fees.

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