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Top Washington Dumpster Rental Services

Dumpster rental in the State of Washington is unique compared to other states due to state law that restricts choice in many areas to one disposal service  (with some exemptions, more on this below).    Hometown has prescreened a few Washington dumpster services that offer commercial recycling and also "live load" dumpster service for job site or property cleanup.  For more information on renting a dumpster in Washington, select your city or read our tips below.

dumpsters for rent in Washington state

Dumpster Rental Laws and Rules for Washington State

Renting a dumpster in the the State of Washington is different than in other states.  The state predetermines which dumpster companies you may rent from (with some exemptions), depending on where you live.

Solid waste and recycling is a monopoly industry in Washington 

Solid waste and recycling collection is a regulated “monopoly” industry. The Washington state legislature created exclusive solid waste territories (one trash hauler per territory) to provide universal garbage service to all customers. The stated purpose of "one hauler territories" is to enhance safety by limiting the number of garbage trucks driving in residential areas and on the roads.  

If loading the dumpster yourself, you need to rent from Washington's monopoly hauler for your area

In Washington, if you're renting a dumpster and planning to load it yourself, you need to use the monopoly hauler.  Each area of the state has one monopoly hauler that has been issued a solid waste certificate for that area from the The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. This commission is the state government entity that is responsible for regulating solid waste companies and ensuring compliance with state laws and rules.

Washington's list of permitted solid waste carriers can be found here.  If you're not sure who provides dumpster service for your area, lookup the company that picks up your regular trash and ask if they offer roll off dumpster service. 

Exemption - Commercial customers with recyclable debris may use any appropriately licensed hauler

Commercial locations that are loading recyclable materials into the dumpster are not required to use the state's monopoly hauler as long as the debris is being hauled to an authorized materials recovery facility, recycling center or charitable organization.  The dumpster company must have a common carrier permit from the Utilities and Transportation commission and be registered with the Department of Ecology as a Transporter of Recyclable Materials.

Exemption - utilize any licensed hauler if the disposal or recycling company is loading the dumpster or trash truck

Residential and commercial customers are not restricted to using the state's designated monopoly hauler if the waste removal is being done directly by the company.  You may utilize any licensed disposal company if the hauler is loading the debris or recyclables into a dumpster or directly into the company’s truck. The material may be recycled, reused, sold, or otherwise disposed of.

Additional exemptions if your city has contracted with a specific disposal service

The solid waste monopoly law does not apply if your city has a contract with a different solid waste collection company. The law also does not apply to any city or town which itself undertakes the disposal of solid waste.