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Which size commercial dumpster do I need for my business’s trash?

The type of business, type of wastes (e.g., cardboard vs. food waste), and the size of your company all play a role in determining the right commercial dumpster size for your needs.

It’s helpful to determine the disposal needs of your building(s) before shopping for a waste hauler. Though, if you’re unsure, a reputable waste company can help you.

How much does commercial trash collection cost?

In the U.S., companies can expect to pay $100-$200 per month for commercial front-load dumpster service. This pricing includes weekly pick-up.

However, commercial trash collection varies in price and is based on size of container, location, frequency of pick-up, and who you hire.

How frequently should I have my commercial trash collected?

Weekly or bi-weekly pick-ups are a common schedule for commercial trash collection. However, most service providers are willing to work with companies to find the exact pick-up schedule that works for them and their needs.