Junk Removal Company Shows It’s Better to Give Than to Receive

Bond certificates found in the trash

Junk haulers stumble upon all kinds of interesting stuff when cleaning out homes. We’ve heard stories over the years of junk haulers stumbling upon diamond rings, historical artifacts and cash accidentally tossed in the trash.

The latest find was by a Massachusetts-based junk removal service, which came across an envelope filled with $1,000 bond certificates…and lots of ‘em.

The Junk Depot serving the Middlesex County area of MA is the latest junk hauler to find treasure in the trash.

This story is a bit different from many others out there in that this particular MA Junk hauler was actually in the process of filming a pilot episode for a new reality TV show delving into the world of junk haulers. Talk about a made-for-TV-moment.

The owner of the MA Junk Depot, Leo Guarente, may just be one of the most honest men around. He decided to surprise the rightful owner of the bond certificates, Marie Veloso, by personally delivering them straight to her front door.

She was blown away by the find and extremely appreciative of the kind gesture. Marie’s mother, who had recently passed away from cancer, previously owned the home. Marie had no idea her mother was hanging onto a boatload of $1000 bond certificates.

In all, the certificates totaled nearly $114,000. Marie called it “a gift of heaven from Ma.” From a devil's advocate point-of-view, you can’t help but wonder whether the junk removal company would’ve returned the money if there weren’t cameras rolling throughout the entire ordeal.

Would you have returned the dough? Let’s give Guarente and the Junk Depot crew the benefit of the doubt. It’s a great story with a happy ending; we’ll leave it at that :)

Video here: WTVR.com