14 Examples of How NOT to Haul Trash

Funny pics of people hauling trash and other junk

Hauling your own trash isn’t always a good idea but is a necessity at times, particularly in parts of the world lacking municipal trash hauling service like we have here in America.

However, there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way. We’ve compiled a great collection of images showcasing the wrong way to haul trash…enjoy!

Furniture Filled to the Brim

overloaded truck-furniture

Throw on Two Straps and Call it Good

That cow next to the truck is in the wrong place at the wrong time!

hauling wood-lumber-funny

Small Truck + Big Load = Highway Cleanup

small truck-big load-funny

Moving Strategy: Save Gas by Taking It All in One Trip

overloaded moving truck

I Guess That's One Way to Unload Cargo Quickly

unloadng the cargo fast-funny

Load Teetering on the Brink of FAIL

teetering load-funny

Using Too Light of a Donkey

donkey hauling cargo-funny

Camel Pulling Bulging Cargo

camel hauling load-funny

Making People Part of the Already-Overloaded Cargo...Not Good

overloaded truck-cargo and people-funny

Hauling a Truck Using a Smaller Truck

hauling truck with smaller truck-funny

Hauling Trash on a Bike -- Impressive?...Sure; Safe?...Are You Kidding!?

bike trash hauling-funny pic

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