Waste Removal

Funny pics of people hauling trash and other junk

14 Examples of How NOT to Haul Trash

Hauling trash is best done by the pros. Here are 14 perfect examples of why hauling your own trash may not always be a good idea...

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4th of July Fireworks and American Flag

Firework Fail! How to Dispose of the Duds

Firework safety is crucial during the fourth of July holiday. Properly disposing of damaged or faulty fireworks greatly reduces the risk of fires and injuries.

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The Future of World Wide Waste Output is Horrifying

Researchers estimate the worldwide waste output in 2100 to be three times that of today. If things don't change this century, we could all be literally living in a pool of trash decades from now.

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Find Out if You're a Hoarder [Infographic]

Hoarding is an all-to-common problem that is today recognized as a mental disorder. Despite the fact hoarding can be harmful to your mental and physical health, it's good to know that it's a very treatable problem. If you're 'collecting' is bordering on out-of-control, use the infographic created by MyMove.com titled Are You a Hoarder to take a more light-hearted approach to diagnosing the problem.

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Paving the street with recycled plastic mixed in asphalt

City’s Quest toward Green Dominance has it Putting Trash into the Roads

Vancouver is taking plastic waste and putting it into its streets, literally. A new plastic/asphalt mixture is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt.

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