recycling containers outside recycling facility

How Does a Recycling Facility Work and What to Expect

Learn how recycling facilities work and explore the pros and cons of the different ways to dispose of recyclables at a recycling facility: hauling it there yourself or utilizing a junk removal service.

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demolition wood debris

Maximizing Recycling and Salvage Opportunities in Demolition

Learn how to maximize recycling and salvage opportunities in your demolition project to help save money, reduce your environmental impact, and conserve resources.

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volunteer cleaning up public space

Green Solutions: The Environmental Benefits of Responsible Dumpster Rental

From construction projects to home cleanouts, responsible dumpster rental offers a range of environmental benefits that go beyond just removing debris.

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Pile of recyclable cardboard

Cardboard Recycling 101: What Homeowners and Business Owners Should Know

Learn everything you need to know about cardboard recycling to ensure that your recycling efforts don't go to waste.

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Father and daughters sorting through plastic to place into recycling bin

Plastic Recycling 101: Everything You Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about plastic recycling to ensure that your recycling efforts don't go to waste.

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Yellow dump truck next to large pile of paper at recycling plant

Paper Recycling 101: Everything You Should Know

Learn everything you need to know about paper recycling to ensure that your recycling efforts don't go to waste.

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person lifting a box of electronics

How Junk Removal Companies Can Help with E-Waste Disposal

When you have electronics that you need hauled away and disposed of properly, professional junk removal services are a great solution. If you've never hired these services before, Hometown is here to break down the process. Learn what to expect from professional e-waste removal services and how to find the right company for the job.

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do junk removal services recycle

Do Junk Removal Services Recycle?

When it comes to getting rid of junk quickly, no service is better than professional junk removal. But did you know that junk removal is eco-friendly, too? Junk removal companies typically recycle and donate items they remove whenever possible.

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Pile of old computer, laptop, printer, and keyboard

Recycle Your Electronics With Junk Removal Services

Making sure to properly dispose of electronic waste is important to avoid contaminating local landfills with heavy metal and other potential hazards. Learn how to responsibly get rid of e-waste with local junk removal services.

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junk removal crew loading up donations

Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Options

Junk removal is one of the most eco-friendly disposal options homeowners and business owners can choose. Learn about the junk removal process and how junk removal companies keep usable goods and materials out of the landfill.

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Person holding small clear recycling bin full of electronics

What Junk Removal Companies Do With All Your Stuff

Hiring a junk removal company to remove and haul away your unwanted items is one of the most efficient and convenient disposal services, but you may be wondering what they'll do with all your unwanted stuff. Learn about the most common disposal methods utilized by reputable junk removal companies.

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pile of computers

How to Dispose of Electronics Responsibly

Proper disposal of e-waste, including electronic devices, like computers, TVs, DVD players, VCRs, phones, tablets, etc., is necessary to ensure potentially toxic materials don't end up in landfills and these items can be recycled. Find out the 3 easiest ways to get rid of old electronics.

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sign point to recycling collection center

How Recycling Facilities Work

Recycling is an important part of waste disposal and is a relatively simple process. Learn all about how materials are recycled at recycling facilities so that they can be reused for other products. 

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Recycle your junk to save money on disposal costs

Benefits of Recycling Junk vs Throwing It Away

Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, saves energy, and prevents pollution. Learn about the many other benefits of recycling that are often overlooked.

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what to look for in recycling dumpster service providers

What to Look for When Using a Hauling Service for Recyclable Materials

Recycling has strict guidelines, and you want to be sure the service provider you rent from follows those rules. Find out the most important things to look for when using a hauling service for recyclable materials.

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