Junked Aircrafts Make Comfortable Abodes

Houses constructed from old airplanes

Updated August 20, 2021

Ever wonder where old airplanes go when they retire?...It's not to a retirement community in Florida. Most actually end up in so-called “aircraft boneyards” located primarily in the deserts of the Southwestern United States. These boneyards are basically junkyards for aircraft of all types.

While some may view these broken, rundown birds as piles of scrap metal, others see an opportunity to create some of the coolest looking homes on the planet.

If you think about, transforming an old Boeing 747 fuselage into a cozy home isn’t all that bad of an idea:

  • It’s extremely weather resistant
  • It’s spacious
  • Termites won’t be a problem
  • It’s eco-friendly since you’re reusing
  • Most importantly, how many people can say they live in an airplane!

Here’s a look at some of the most spectacular looking houses you’ll ever see, each of which breathes new life into these giant piles of scrap metal.

$2,000 Boeing 727 Dream Home

Boeing 727 airplane house


Boeing 727 Converted into Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica

Hotel made from airplane

Hoax Slayer

100 ft Jetliner Set atop Two-Story Concrete Home in Abuja, Nigeria

Airplane home

The Washington Post

747 "Wing House" in Malibu, CA

Wing House, Malibu


130 x 13 ft Boeing 727 Home in Portland, Oregon

Oregon aircraft house

Bored Panda

Discovery Channel’s “Monster House” in Simi Valley, CA – 35 ft Front end of Boeing 727

Monster House from Discovery Channel

Airport Journals

Blimp Treehouse in Victoria, Australia

Blimp treehouse

Bellemo & Cat