How Junk Removal Companies Protect Your Home from Damage

Junk removal crew moving furniture down flight of stairs with moving pads

Updated September 29, 2022

Whenever you hire a crew of workers that come into your home, it's understandable to worry about the condition they'll leave your property in.

When it comes to junk removal services, they should always leave your home in better condition than it was found.

We'll go over common measures junk removal companies take to protect all areas of your home.

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How Junk Removal Companies Protect Your Home from Damage


When a junk removal crew has to take several trips in and out of your home, they may choose to wear shoe coverings or bring neoprene floor runners to protect your floors from any dirt or debris being tracked in from outside.

Floor runners tend to be the preferred method of protecting floors for junk removal and moving companies.

The thin roll of synthetic fibers and rubber is used to create a path from your junk to the exit so that they can walk, move furniture, or roll dollies throughout your house without disrupting the cleanliness of your floor or marking it up.

When a lot of junk is removed from hard floors, the junk removal crew will sweep away any remaining dust, dirt, or debris and leave you with a completely decluttered area.


When appropriate, stairs are protected in a similar manner to regular floors. 

Hardwood stairs are often covered with a thin floor runner that is taped down to ensure it doesn't create a tripping hazard.

Carpeted stairs are covered with carpet mask, which is a clear, self-adhesive film that is used only on synthetic fiber.

Carpet mask is essentially a plastic wrap for carpet and does an excellent job of protecting your carpeted floors or stairs from stains.

Bannisters and Railings

Stair bannisters and railings can be protected with bannister protectors, furniture pads, and even pool noodles

Bannister protectors are crafted specifically to fit the shape of a bannister, while furniture pads are larger and are just draped over the railings and taped down to prevent them from sliding off.

Some companies get creative and cut pool noodles to easily slide over bannisters to protect them from getting damaged while bulky or heavy items are being carried down the stairs.


Doorways can be protected in a similar fashion to bannisters and railings, with either furniture pads or specially designed protectors made for doorways

Door jamb protectors are typically held in pace with spring clamps that hold them in place, while furniture pads are usually taped in place.

Cardboard can also be used with tape to prevent any nicks or dents from furniture or dollies passing through the doorway.

If you're concerned about whether or not these measures will be taken, make sure to ask the junk removal companies you speak with how they can protect the areas in your home that you're worried about.

We recommend reaching out to at least 2-3 different providers to compare pricing and customer service, and to ensure that they provide the availability and protection that your project requires.

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