How to Dispose of Spent Fireworks and the Duds

how to dispose of spent fireworks and duds

Consumer fireworks are classified as 1.4G explosives and should be disposed of properly to ensure the safety of all those that may come into contact of them.

This is true for spent and dud fireworks.

Here’s how to safely get rid of old, spent and dud fireworks.

It’s important to allow a cooling period for spent fireworks, as well as leaving dud fireworks alone for at least 30 minutes after lighting.

The following morning is a great time to begin the cleanup.

5 Steps to Proper Disposal of Consumer Fireworks

  1. Submerge the duds and exploded fireworks into water using buckets or another vessel that allows the fireworks to become completely saturated.
  2. Let fireworks sit in the water for a minimum of 30 minutes. (12+ hours is ideal)
  3. Remove the completely saturated fireworks and place them in a garbage bag. Tie it tightly.
  4. Bag the firework and garbage bag again, tying the second bag tightly. This will help keep the fireworks from drying out and potentially becoming active.
  5. Place the double-bagged fireworks refuse into the trash or bring to a local landfill. There is no need for special waste disposal for small amounts of consumer fireworks.
how to throw away fireworks

This guide is for consumer fireworks classified as 1.4G explosives.

Disposing of commercial 1.3G explosives (display fireworks) may vary.

The disposal rules and regulations may vary in your area.

Check your city government website for local laws.

Avoid tossing spent fireworks into local bodies of water or burning them.

Both options are harmful to the environment and potentially dangerous to humans and wildlife.

Disposing of a large of amount of fireworks may require different steps.

Check with your waste hauler if you have more than a few garbage bags full of spent fireworks to dispose of.


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