What to Look for in Junk Removal Reviews Before Hiring

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Updated March 24, 2023

When you need junk removed from your property quickly and safely, it's important to make sure you're hiring a company that is reputable and capable of delivering high-quality results on time and for a fair price.

It's common to hyper focus on pricing when hiring any service provider—and junk removal services are no different—but professionalism and reliability are just as important as pricing.

One of the best ways to research a company is to read reviews from real customers who have worked with the company and can shine an honest light on the type of service you can expect from them. There are several things to look for when reading junk removal reviews that can help you determine who the best company for your job is, and we'll go over them all in this quick guide.

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Does the Review Seem Real?

There are many motivations behind someone leaving a fake review, negative or positive, which is why it's important to make sure that the reviews you check out are verified and from real customers.

You don't want a company's competition, loving mother, or the company themselves influencing your purchasing decisions, which is why it's best to only consider reviews from customers who have actually hired the company you're considering.

The best way to ensure you're reading verified reviews from real junk removal customers is to read the reviews on Hometown. Our site personally verifies every review that is submitted before publishing it, good or bad. Our only motivation behind accepting company reviews is to help inform future customers like you, so you never have to wonder if the gleaming 5-star review or scathing 1-star review is left by the owner's wife or scorned enemy.

When visiting other sites to read reviews about a junk removal company, look for an indication that those reviews are real before giving them too much weight in your consideration. For example, do they use overly flowery marketing language? Do they speak in absolutes and extremes? Are they super vague about their experience? These are all potential signs of a fake review that you should make note of.

Some websites, like Google, allow the owner of the company to respond to reviews, which can be worthwhile to read as well.

Is the Review Relevant to the Services I Need?

While this doesn't happen on Hometown due to our review verification process, it's not uncommon for reviews to be left for a product, service, or company that either don't match the product/service description or were out of the company's control. There are plenty of instances where a quick look at a company's 1- to 2-star reviews reveals they are actually completely irrelevant to the service they're reviewing.

For example, you may see a "negative" review for a company in which the entire review actually compliments the company and their employees on all their hard work, but the author of the review only gave them 2 stars because of circumstances that are irrelevant to the service or were out of the company's control.

Here are some examples:

"ABC Junk Removal's service was great, but there was construction on 8th street so they got stuck in traffic and arrived 30 minutes later than expected. That's the only reason I'm leaving 2 stars, but the actual company and service was great!"

"123 Junk Be Gone was friendly, professional, and worked quickly to remove our junk. They had to reschedule our pick-up due to severe weather, but other than that, the service was excellent."

As you can see, though these may technically not be 4- or 5-star reviews, the actual customer service and workmanship that these companies provided was 5 stars, so be sure you take all aspects of the reviews you read into consideration.

Does the Company Value Timeliness?

Unless you have a considerably large project, junk removal services should be completed quickly. So, when reading junk removal reviews, look for mention of how fast or efficient their service was. The timeliness of the actual service is important as well as the timeliness of their customer service and how quickly they respond to your quote request or any questions you have.

Are they available to chat when they're contacted, or at least able to get back to you in a reasonably punctual manner? Are emails and questions answered in a timely fashion so that you aren't left waiting on a response for days? Any mention of junk removal crews charging by the hour for large projects who are slow-moving and seemingly unmotivated is an immediate red flag.

Most junk removal jobs are priced on the amount of junk you have, and most junk removal companies train their crew to be as time-efficient as possible at each job site so that they can quickly move on to the next job and make as much money as possible each day. Being fast and efficient not only benefits you as a customer, but it should be the business strategy of a successful junk removal company, too.

Is the Company Professional?

You should expect a certain level of professionalism from any company you do business with, regardless of the type of service they offer, and it's not unusual for those leaving reviews to touch on this subject.

If you notice more than one person mentioning a lack of professionalism from the company in question, they could end up being a headache to deal with for you as well.

Respectful, punctual, and helpful communication should be the standard for any company you spend your hard earned money on.

Reviews that mention how professional, friendly, and eager to help their customers a company is should be given higher standing as you consider all your local options.

The junk removal industry is large and it can be overwhelming and take up a significant amount of time to find companies in your area that are competitively priced, have a good reputation among their customers, have availability when you need it, and are locally-owned and operated.

Finding these quality companies for your removal needs has been made simple with Hometown. Our easy-to-use search engine allows you to enter your zip code and find reputable services in your area that are licensed, insured, and locally-owned! You can read verified reviews from customers who have hired them and make the most informed decision based on the experiences of their customers and the price they quote you.

Our quote request form allows you to get multiple quotes from up to 3 qualified companies in your area so that you don't have to keep answering the same questions about your project details every time you want a company to quote your junk removal job. We do all the legwork for you free of charge, so you can focus on more important matters.

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