How Fast Are Junk Removal Companies at Finishing the Job?

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Updated May 2, 2022

One of the key aspects of any successful, reputable junk removal company is the speed in which they complete each job.

Junk removal companies prefer to schedule multiple jobs per day to maintain efficiency and increase profits, which is why they aim to complete each job quickly so they can move on to the next one.

In this guide, we'll discuss how long the most popular junk removal projects take and how to find the best and most efficient junk removal company near you.

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How fast junk removal companies finish the job

30-60 Minute Junk Removal Jobs

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A vast majority of junk removal projects can be completed in an hour or less.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for busy junk removal companies to schedule 10 or more jobs for a single truck in one day due to the speed they can complete most jobs.

Common junk removal projects that can be completed in an hour or less:

3-5 Hour Junk Removal Jobs

Messy garage covered in clutter

Cleanup projects that involve more than a single item—or are in general a bit more complex or larger in scale—may take 3-5 hours for a junk removal company to complete.

These types of jobs generally do not require multiple trucks or trailer loads, so junk removal companies are still able to complete the project in a timely manner.

Common junk removal projects that can be completed in roughly 3-5 hours:

1+ Day Junk Removal Jobs

Deck demolition and removal

Large-scale projects that involve a significant amount of junk, cleaning out multiple rooms, or other complex requirements will likely take 8 hours or more to complete.

Because they are bigger projects, they typically involve the use of more than one truck or trailer and four or more workers to complete the cleanup in a timely manner.

Common junk removal projects that take 8 hours or more to complete:

Find Fast, Reputable Junk Removal Companies Near You

It’s important to use reputable junk removal companies who are known to provide great service.

You can read online reviews or ask other customers of theirs to determine if they are a good fit for your project.

A reputable and established junk removal company can get most projects complete quickly and safely.

We suggest getting several junk removal quotes before choosing the company to hire. (Don’t base your decision on price alone, as the reputation of a company should be a key factor in finding a good junk hauler.)

By choosing a junk removal company that has a reputation for great service, you can expect them to complete your project in a safe and timely manner.

One of the key benefits of hiring a junk removal company for assisting with a cleanup or waste removal project is efficiency.

Junk removal companies are good at what they do, and they have the experience necessary to handle a wide range of cleanups.

Many junk removal companies also have specialized trucks with large loading capacities for efficiently disposing of multiple cubic yards of waste or debris in one load rather than having to make several trips.

As a customer of a junk removal company, you save time and effort. It’s much easier than hauling the waste or junk yourself to the local landfill, recycling facility, or charitable organization.

In general, a junk removal company can complete the job quicker than the average person can because they have the equipment (trucks or trailers), manpower, and experience needed to handle most cleanups in a safe and efficient manner.

Hometown makes it easy for customers to find junk removal companies in their area.

Browse junk removal companies based on your zip code, read customer reviews for each company, and request quotes from multiple junk removal providers to ensure you pay a fair price.

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