Trash Disposal Showdown: Junk Removal vs 10 Yard Dumpsters vs Bag Dumpsters

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Updated February 9, 2022

For relatively small cleanup projects around your house or business, there are multiple disposal options available to you.

Junk removal, dumpster rental, and bag-style dumpsters are three of the most popular waste and debris removal options for homeowners and business owners alike.

But which is the right choice for you?

Each method is better suited for different projects, and we're to help you determine which method is the best choice for your project.

This guide will go over the main factors to consider when determining whether you should hire a junk removal company, rent a 10 yard dumpster, or buy a bag dumpster, including when it's the best choice, average costs, and where to find your preferred service type.

In this guide, we'll compare:

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Utilize Junk Removal Services

How It Works

When you reach out to a junk removal company to inquire about your project (i.e. how much it will cost and when the company would be able to complete the work), they likely will need to come to your home or business to assess how involved the work will be.

Usually within 1-2 business days or less—or whenever is convenient for you—the junk removal company will come out to your location (typically one or two people unless it's a big cleanout job) to provide an accurate, in-person quote.

If you agree with a junk removal company's price, they typically get to work right away, removing whatever items you have from your home or business and loading them onto their truck or trailer.

Once all your items are loaded up, you pay the company for the work, and your items are then transported directly to a local charity, recycling facility, or landfill, or they are taken back to the junk removal company's location where items are sorted and separated first.

When It's the Best Choice

Junk removal services can accommodate both big and small projects, but big projects can be quite expensive.

Because of this, junk removal is typically the best option for smaller jobs, like removing one or two pieces of furniture, appliance removal, or removing a small to medium pile of relatively lightweight items.

Using junk removal services to complete a small disposal project is cost-effective and saves a great deal of time. It also saves you the hassle of doing all the heavy lifting yourself.

This is what also makes junk removal a great option for those who are unable to lift or carry heavy items themselves.

Similarly, if you have furniture, appliances, or other items that you no longer want but are still usable, a junk removal company can donate or recycle your items on your behalf so they don't end up in a landfill.

How Much It Costs

The average cost of junk removal services is $200-$1,000.

As you can see, project costs can vary a great deal.

Junk removal pricing is impacted by multiple factors, like:

  • Size of your project: The more items you need to remove, the longer it will take for the junk pros to complete the job and the more space your items will take in the truck or trailer.
  • Location: Your area's cost of living will affect recycling and disposal fees, gas prices, and the total price you pay for your junk removal project.
  • Accessibility: Having a pile of items in your driveway or by the curb for easy pick-up will typically cost less than it would to remove the same amount of items from a basement or attic, especially if the items are large or heavy.
  • Who you hire: Junk removal companies charge different prices for very similar services, so we recommend getting at least 2-3 quotes to ensure you hire the best company.

If you only have a single piece of furniture to get rid of—like a mattress, treadmill, TV, or sofa—you will likely be charged the minimum amount, which averages $75-$100 depending on where you live.

Who to Hire

Regardless of your junk removal project size, knowing what to look for in a junk removal service provider can help save you money and stress if you’ve never had to hire one before. 

A qualified junk removal company is insured, has a good reputation, offers fair prices, and is available to complete the work when you need it.

At Hometown, we specialize in helping people find qualified junk removal companies and dumpster rental services in their area.

To ensure you choose the best junk removal company, we recommend customers reach out to multiple companies for junk removal quotes and get answers to the most important junk removal project questions from each one in order adequately compare job estimates.

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Rent a 10 Yard Dumpster

yellow 10 yard dumpster backed up to yard

How It Works

When you reach out to a dumpster rental company to learn more about renting their dumpsters (i.e. how much it will cost, items they accept or prohibit, and when the company would be able to deliver the dumpster), they will be able to provide a quote via phone or text.

After getting quotes from at least two or more dumpster rental companies, determine which dumpster rental company to rent from, and schedule your dumpster delivery.

The dumpster company will then deliver your 10 yard container (or a larger dumpster size if they recommend it for your project), placing it in your driveway or other desired and approved location.

With the dumpster dropped off, you can then load your items into the container.

To avoid additional fees when renting your dumpster, follow the dumpster's weight limit restrictions and keep any restricted items out of the container.

Once you've loaded up all your items, contact your dumpster rental company within your dumpster rental period to let them know the dumpster is ready for pick-up.

The dumpster truck driver will then come pull the dumpster back onto the truck and take it to the nearest landfill or recycling facility.

Once at the landfill, the truck drives onto a scale and gets weighed, dumps the contents of the dumpster, then gets weighed again on the way out to determine the weight of your dumpster contents.

The dumpster rental company will then send you an invoice, and you pay for your dumpster services and any overages you incurred.

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When It's the Best Choice

10 yard dumpster rental is the ideal choice for ongoing projects that produce a relatively small amount of debris, like:

Renting a dumpster to be on-site during demolition, remodel, or cleanout projects helps keep your work site clean and safe.

They're also great for people who prefer to do the work themselves and save a little money.

10 yard dumpsters typically have a 2-3 ton weight limit (2,000-4,000 lbs), so if your dumpster contents are likely to be heavier than this, you may need to rent a 20 yard dumpster or even a 30 or 40 yard container.

Trailer dumpsters come in a 10 yard size as well as a variety of other smaller sizes, making them great for maneuvering them into a small driveway or alleyway.

If you have a very small amount of items to get rid of, like a single treadmill, a couple appliances, or a small pile of junk, junk removal services may be the better option.

How Much It Costs

The average cost to rent a 10 yard dumpster is $250-$350.

However, dumpster rental costs depend on a number of factors, like:

  • Size of the dumpster: 10 yard dumpsters are typically the smallest dumpster size and therefore the cheapest.
  • Type and weight of debris: Heavy debris disposal typically costs more, especially if you go over you dumpster's weight limit.
  • Location: Your area's cost of living will affect landfill fees, gas prices, permit fees, and the total price you pay for your dumpster.
  • Rental period: Most dumpster rentals include 5-7 days. If you need your dumpster for longer, you can expect to pay an additional fee per day.
  • Who you rent from: Dumpster rental companies charge different prices for very similar services, so we recommend getting at least 2-3 quotes to ensure you rent from the best company.

As previously mentioned, if you put a prohibited item in your dumpster, go over your dumpster's weight limit, or exceed your dumpster's rental period, the cost for your 10 yarder will go up.

Who to Rent From

Knowing what to look for in a dumpster rental company and the services they provide can help save you money and stress if you’ve never had to hire one before.

Just like with junk removal service providers, a qualified dumpster rental company should have the proper license and insurance, a good reputation, competitive prices, and the availability to deliver and pick up your dumpster when you need it.

At Hometown, we specialize in helping people find qualified dumpster rental companies and junk removal services in their area.

To be sure you rent from the best dumpster rental company, we recommend you reach out to multiple companies for dumpster quotes and get answers to the most important dumpster rental questions from each one in order adequately compare companies' estimates.

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Buy a Bag Dumpster

full WM Bagster dumpster sitting at end of driveway

How It Works

The most popular bag-style dumpster, Waste Management's "Bagster," is available in most areas across the country.

To get started, you will first need to make sure Bagster pick-up is available in your area.

If pick-up is available in your area, you can buy a Bagster from Home Depot, Lowe's, Amazon, and other big box home improvement stores.

Next, open up and set up your dumpster in your driveway or where it can be picked up easily by Waste Management's truck.

We recommend avoiding setting up your Bagster on your grass if you can help it, as this can quickly put a dead patch in your lawn.

Once your bag dumpster is set up, fill it up following the included instructions.

When you're done or your Bagster is full, schedule pick-up with WM.

When It's the Best Choice

If you have a small amount of relatively lightweight junk that takes up three cubic yards or less, a dumpster bag is a great option.

However, three yards is not much space, especially if you're loading bulky or oddly shaped items into it, and you may find that it's not enough to complete the entire disposal.

How Much It Costs

The Bagster itself costs roughly $30, though this cost may vary slightly depending on where you live.

The upfront cost for a bag-style dumpster is low, but the pick-up/disposal fee is where the majority of the Bagster's cost comes into play.

Bagster pick-up costs vary from $120-$350 depending on where you live, making the total cost to use a bag dumpster $150-$380 on average.

Where to Find Bag Dumpsters

As we previously mentioned, you can find Bagster bag dumpsters from Home Depot, Lowe's, Amazon, and even some local hardware and home improvement stores.

Waste Management can help you locate a store that sells Bagsters near you.

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