Hiring for Junk Removal

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How It Works

Find out how Hometown Dumpster Rental—the #1 way for homeowners, business owners, and property owners to find qualified waste removal services in their area—works. It's easy!

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piles of yard waste ready for removal

Professional Yard Waste Removal Services: When and How to Hire a Cleanup Crew

When the volume of yard waste becomes overwhelming or time-consuming to manage, hiring a professional yard waste removal service can be the ideal solution. Explore when and how to hire a cleanup crew to ensure your yard stays in top shape.

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junk removal professional with clipboard

DIY vs. Professional Junk Removal: Which Option Is Right for You?

Explore the pros and cons of DIY junk removal and hiring professional junk removal services to help you make an informed decision that suits your needs and preferences.

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professional junk removal crew member

The Top 10 Benefits of Professional Junk Removal Services

Discover the top 10 benefits of professional junk removal services and see how it can contribute to a cleaner, more organized, and stress-free living or working environment.

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hoarding cleanup workers dressed in hazmat suits carrying boxes

How to Find the Right Hoarding Cleaning Service

Learn what to look for in hoarding cleanup services, how to find local hoarding cleaning companies, and request free quotes form reputable services in your area with Hometown.

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Person scrolling the internet to read company reviews

What to Look for in Junk Removal Reviews Before Hiring

Learn about things to look for when reading junk removal reviews to help you determine who the best company for your project is.

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man on phone looking at computer

How to Compare Quotes and Hire the Right Junk Removal Company

Ready to compare the junk removal quotes you've received? Learn how to contrast and compare the quotes you have, red flags to look out for, and more.

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attic full of junk

You Just Requested a Junk Removal Quote...What to Expect Next

Now that you've requested a quote—ideally multiple quotes—from a junk removal service provider with Hometown, find out what to expect next.

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Hometown junk removal quote request form

How to Request Junk Removal Quotes with Hometown

At Hometown, our quote request form simplifies the process of getting free estimates from local junk removal companies. Find out how Hometown makes getting junk removal quotes fast and easy for a stress-free home or business cleanup experience.

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junk removal truck full of furniture in front of apartment

How to Decide Which Junk Removal Quote Is Best

Read about the main things to consider when comparing junk removal quotes—besides cost—to ensure you make the best decision.

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importance of getting multiple junk removal estimates

Why You Should Get Multiple Quotes Before Hiring a Junk Removal Provider

If you're considering hiring a junk removal provider to assist in a cleanout or bulk item removal, be sure you get multiple quotes. Know what's a fair price in your area and be sure you receive great customer service.

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using a calculator and taking notes

Understanding Junk Removal Quotes

Learn what to expect and how to understand junk removal quotes before you start cold calling companies in your area.

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