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RBS Sanitation Inc

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Tea, SD
  • 2 Yard
  • 3 Yard
  • 4 Yard
  • 6 Yard
  • 8 Yard
  • Family owned
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RBS Sanitation offers innovative commercial waste hauling solutions for accommodating businesses of any size. Our commercial containers range from 1.5 to 8 cubic yards. Weekly pick-ups are available for general wastes, and bi-weekly for recyclables. Learn more and get your free commercial... more


Brookings Dumpster Service

Madison, SD

Brookings Dumpster Service offers any size container from a 95 gallon tote to an 8 yard dumpster and even 6 yard compactors for restaurants with pick-up schedules made to fit your schedule. Request a quote today to find out just how much your... more

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ZTERS Waste Value

(2) -
Cypress, TX

Count on the experience and professional team at Zters Waste Value to meet the needs of your commercial waste hauling needs. We offer full-service permanent and temporary dumpster solutions. Contact us today to learn more and obtain a complimentary commercial... more


R & S Sanitation Inc

Madison, SD

Since 1986, R & S Sanitation Inc has been offering convenient and reliable waste disposal services to residents and business owners throughout Salem, SD and beyond. Our commercial waste management services are consistently on schedule. more

Commercial Waste Management Tips for Madison, SD

Commercial Waste Dumpsters

What size commercial dumpsters are available?

Commercial waste containers come in a number of sizes, most commonly ranging from 1 cubic yard to 8 cubic yards. These size variations allow you to choose the perfect size dumpster for your commercial business’ specific needs.


Common Commercial Dumpster Sizes
Commercial Dumpster Size Average Dimensions
2 yard 6 ft L x 3 ft W x 3 ft H
4 yard 6 ft L x 3 ft W x 4 ft H
6 yard 6 ft L x 5 ft W x 6 ft H
8 yard 6 ft L x 6 ft W x 7 ft H
Compactors 22 ft L x 8 ft W x 8 ft H


When reaching out to multiple dumpster providers, explain your waste generation patterns to them, and they will be able to recommend a dumpster size for you.

How much does commercial waste management cost?

The cost of a commercial dumpster depends on a number of factors, like frequency of pick-ups, size of the container, where the container is located, types of debris being picked up, who you hire, and more.

Average Commercial Dumpster Costs per Month

  • 2 yard: $90-$125
  • 4 yard: $110-$135
  • 6 yard: $165-$220
  • 8 yard: $220-$300

*These are average monthly costs for 1 pick-up per week.

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