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Container Pro is proud to be recognized as one of the greenest garbage collection companies in the entire Southeast region of the United States.  We serve manufacturing facilities, retail, restaurants, office buildings, and commercial properties of all types. We can customize a waste and recycling plan to meet any need, so contact us for quote today.

Commercial Waste Management Tips

Commercial Waste Dumpsters

What size commercial dumpsters are available?

Commercial waste containers come in a number of sizes, most commonly ranging from 1 cubic yard to 8 cubic yards.

This size variations allow you to choose the perfect size dumpster for your commercial business’ specific needs.

Are there multiple types of commercial dumpsters?

Yes! Commercial waste containers come in multiple types to accommodate varying needs as well.

The most common type of commercial dumpster is a front-loading dumpster. These can be seen at gas stations, the back of restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Commercial waste compactors are another option and are highly efficient, as they compact large quantities of waste materials so they take up less space. Not only does this reduce the amount of space your waste takes up, but it also minimizes the risk of pests, and makes your property look cleaner and more professional.

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