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Cubic Hauling

2130 Naegele Rd, Colorado Springs CO 80904

Cubic Hauling is a locally-owned dumpster rental and waste removal company based in Colorado Springs. We specialize in delivering smaller (5, 10 and 15 cubic yard) dumpsters into tight locations utilizing our highly maneuverable 4x4 trucks. We make certain to ...

Troops Haul Junk of Lake Norman

8727 Zeal Court, Colorado Springs CO 80924

As a veteran & first responder owned company, Troops Haul Junk knows the importance of grit, determination, and the value of hard work. At Troops Haul Junk, we are alert as individuals and as a unit to the fact when ...

Commercial Waste Management Tips for Colorado Springs, CO

Commercial Waste Dumpsters

What are common commercial dumpster sizes?

Commercial waste containers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of waste generation needs.

For small businesses that do not generate a large amount of waste, a 4-yard dumpster or smaller is generally a safe bet.

For medium to large businesses that generate a lot of waste and material, a 6-yard dumpster or larger is recommended, and oftentimes, a commercial waste compactor is the best option.

Common Dumpster Sizes

Are there multiple types of commercial dumpsters?

Commercial waste containers come in two main types to accommodate companies' specific needs.

Front-loading dumpsters are the most common type, commonly seen at gas stations, the back of restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Commercial waste compactors are another popular option and are highly efficient, as they compact large quantities of waste materials. Not only does this reduce the amount of space your waste takes up, but it also minimizes the risk of pests and makes your property look clean and professional.