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Dumpster Rental in Lincoln, NE

Surveys of 10 yard and 20 yard dumpster rental prices showed that homeowners and contractors looking to rent a roll off dumpster can save money by calling locally owned dumpster companies directly.  On average, renting directly from a local, smaller dumpster service saved $50 - $150 when compared to large, national trash services like Waste Management. It's the same for out-of-state dumpster brokers who claim to be"budget", but  are actually charging an additional 10% to 20% on top of a local hauler's price.  Rent local and save!

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Serving Lincoln, NE

Zters Waste Value works hard to provide outstanding customer service. We offer a variety of waste management solutions including temporary dumpster rental, storage containers, portable toilet and portable fencing rental. Call today and our friendly representatives can quickly help you schedule a roll-off dumpster.

(800) 979-5115
0 verified reviews
2241 Orchard St, Lincoln NE 68503

Pro Rolloffs offers residential and commercial customers in Lincoln, NE safe and responsible removal of waste of all kinds. They specialize in roll-off container rentals, garbage collection, junk removal, and more.

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4600 N 48th St, Lincoln NE 68504

Started in 1976, Uribe Refuse has been serving Lincoln, Nebraska and communities nearby ever since. As a third generation family owned and operated company, they’re dedicated to providing high-quality solid waste management services that are fairly priced.

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1905 Yolande Ave, Lincoln NE 68521

Started back in 1921, Niederhaus Refuse, Inc. began as a horse and wagon operation. Since then, they’ve grown to accommodate every kind of waste or junk. They offer weekly collection, junk removal, and roll-off container rentals.

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5401 N 57th St, Lincoln NE 68507

As a local, family owned and operated business, they’ve been providing personalized, reliable services to residential and commercial customers since 1976. They specialize in providing reliable roll-off container rentals, garbage collection, junk removal, and more.

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86 Po Box, Greenwood NE 68366

Locally owned and operated, Tri-County Rolloffs has been serving all of Lancaster, Cass, and Saunders Counties from Greenwood, NE. They offer roll-off container rentals, junk removal, and more.

12728 NW 112th St, Malcolm NE 68402

Dump It is your local source for reliable trash hauling and roll off services. We want to make dumpster rental as easy as possible with direct communication and prompt, efficient drop off and pick up. We rent daily, weekly or months at a time.

Unverified Dumpster Rental Services

Capital City Refuse
8216 Russwood Cir, Lincoln, NE 68505
(402) 770-1195
Kurtzer Brothers Garbage Service
5944 Bartholomew Cir, Lincoln, NE 68512
(402) 423-6191
Houser Refuse Service
3461 Woods Ave, Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 474-2671
Erickson Refuse
2001 N 98th St, Lincoln, NE 68505
(402) 486-0166
Kurtzer & Son Refuse
4024 S 40th St, Lincoln, NE 68506
(402) 484-6200
5911 Tangeman Terrace, Lincoln, NE 68505
(402) 610-6191
Lancaster Refuse Service
22906 Po Box, Lincoln, NE 68542
(402) 477-3939
Havelock & Carter Garbage
2645 Washington St, Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 435-6165
Industrial Services Inc
6201 N 70th St, Lincoln, NE 68507
(402) 467-3581
Schaaf Refuse Service
6000 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln, NE 68516
(402) 423-5705

Recycling and Solid Waste Management in Lincoln, NE

Does the City of Lincoln take construction & demolition (C&D) debris?

The City of Lincoln does NOT pick up construction & demolition debris in the regular curb side collection. If the C&D debris is clean concrete rubble, clean soil, brick etc. it may be taken to the 48th Street Transfer Station for a minimal fee. 

Who do I call to pick up and haul my C&D waste and debris?

You can call a number of private contractors that work locally in Lincoln, Nebraska to haul away construction & demolition debris to the local transfer station.

There are many waste haulers to choose from that will take other types of materials as well, such as scrap metal, asphalt shingles, dirt etc. 

For disposal information by type of item please visit the Lincoln, NE Public Works.


More tips for renting a dumpster in Lincoln, NE

TIP: Work with a locally owned and operated dumpster service, which is almost always the cheapest way to rent a dumpster.  Avoid the most expensive rental options:

  1. Very large, national companies like Waste Management are more expensive than smaller, local companies.  We compared Waste Management's dumpster prices to locally operated companies in 48 metro areas and found WM was over $100 more expensive, on average.
  2. There are a lot of brokers in the dumpster business.  Some, like Zters Waste, are reputable. Many others are not.  Brokers are an out-of-state middleman that books the dumpster at a higher rate than the local going rate, takes a cut, and passes the order on to a local hauler for the delivery and pickup.  They aren't local and don't actually own any dumpsters, though some pretend as if they do.  Worse, some claim to be "budget" dumpster companies that have lower prices... which is almost always false.

Calling a locally owned and operated hauler directly is how to get the best price on dumpster rental.  

See our guide to dumpster rental prices for more info.