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Container Pro offers convenient and affordable commercial recycling and refuse collection. We operate in many communities throughout the Southeast and we're proud to be recognized as leaders in advancing a greener earth.  We collect waste and recycling with a fleet of hybrid and natural gas (CNG) trucks.

County Sanitation

County Sanitation

County Sanitation
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We offer superior service and cost effective pricing to business, apartment complexes, retail centers, office complexes, industrial buildings and more. Let us handle your trash collection and recycling. Larger roll-off containers for commercial and industrial waste disposal are also available.

Commercial Waste Management Tips

Commercial Waste Dumpsters

Common Commercial Waste Container Sizes

2 Yard Commercial Dumpsters

Common Dimensions: 6 ft. L x 3 ft. W x 3 ft. H

Being one of the smallest front-load commercial dumpster sizes available, 2 yard dumpsters are a great option for small businesses, restaurants, and retail stores.

4 Yard Commercial Dumpsters

Common Dimensions: 6 ft. L x 4 ft. W x 5 ft. H

4 yard dumpsters are most commonly used at restaurants, gas stations, brick-and-mortar businesses, etc. When a 2 yard dumpster isn’t big enough to accommodate your business’ waste disposal needs, 4 yard dumpsters may be the perfect solution.

6 Yard Commercial Dumpsters

Common Dimensions: 6 ft. L x 5 ft. W x 6 ft. H

6 yard dumpsters are great options for busy gas stations, restaurants, brick-and-mortar businesses, and medium-sized office buildings. When a 4 yard dumpster isn’t enough to handle the disposal needs of a company, 6 yard dumpsters may be the best option.

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