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Mark Dunning Inc

2111 N Pace Blvd, Pensacola FL 32505

Mark Dunning Industries is a locally owned and operated dumpster rental company that specializes in solid waste management, waste collection, garbage removal, trash hauling and recycling. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with efficient, timely service and affordable 10 yard dumpsters to rent.

Beachside Disposal

Orange Beach, Orange Beach AL 36530

Orange Beach, Alabama turns to Beachside Disposal when they need dumpster rental services they can rely on. We specialize in providing quality dumpsters on time for a fair price, including 10 yard dumpsters.

Merkel's Hauling Services

301 St Christopher St, Pensacola FL 32534

Merkel's Hauling Services offers fast and reliable dumpster services for homeowners, contractors and businesses in the Pensacola area. We’re a small, locally-owned company committed to superior customer service. Contact us today to get a free dumpster quote.

Parker's Renovations LLC

8922 Scenic Hills Drive, Pensacola FL 32514

Count on Parker’s Renovations LLC for all of your junk removal, dumpster rental and light demolition needs! We are a locally owned and operated business based in Pensacola. We take pride in providing superior service! Contact us today for a free 11 yard dumpster quote.

TFC Hauling

621 N Old Corry Field Rd, Pensacola FL 32506

TFC Hauling makes booking a dumpster simple and quick! We offer three convenient dumpster sizes to choose from, including 12-yard bins. These compact containers are ideal for residential use or small cleanups. Contact us today to get your free 12-yard dumpster quote.

10 Yard Dumpster Tips for Pensacola, FL

10 Yard Dumpsters

Is the waste recycled? If not, where does it go?

Some do and some don’t. In recent years, recycling efforts have picked up drastically and so an increasing number of roll-off rental companies are starting to offer recycling services.

The best way to ensure your debris is recycled is to first ask if it’s offered. If it is offered, you’ll need to keep recyclables in a separate dumpster.

For example, concrete debris should go in one dumpster and non-recyclables in another.

Loads that are not recyclable will go to local municipal landfills, C&D landfills or waste-to-energy plants.

Going with a larger dumpster may save you money, here’s how…

It’s very difficult to accurately estimate how much your debris or junk is going to weigh and how much volume it will consume inside a dumpster.

While dumpster rental companies are remarkably good at helping you choose the right size dumpster for the job, it’s still just an educated guess.

For this reason, it may be a more cost-effective strategy to go with a slightly larger container than you think you may need.

The extra $50 to $100 in rental fees may in fact be less expensive compared to the potential overage charges incurred if you go over the weight limit on a smaller size dumpster.

Overage charges generally range from $50 to $100 per ton but can be more than that in some instances.

Going with a bigger container is also cheaper in situations where you rent a bin that’s slightly too small to complete the job and so you end up renting another.

For example: You rent a 10-yard container for a home cleanup and it turns out there are about 15 yards of debris.

You may have paid $250 for the rental but now you’ll need to pay an additional $250 to rent a second 10 yard dumpster to complete the job.

If you have rented a 20 yard roll-off in the first place for $350-$400, you would’ve saved a substantial amount of money – not to mention time. Learn more about dumpster rental prices.

***The prices in the example above are for informational purposes only and your local rates may vary.