How to Find Driveway Dumpsters Near You

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Updated March 15, 2024

Renting a dumpster is a convenient solution for all types of projects, and they come in sizes that fit in most driveways. Home renovations, decluttering, demolition, construction, landscaping—all of these projects can be messy, and streamlining the debris disposal with a temporary dumpster is an ideal option.

Having a temporary dumpster conveniently placed in your driveway can make your home project more manageable and efficient.

In this guide, we're breaking down the ins and outs of dumpster rental to help you navigate the process and find the right driveway dumpster near you for your project.

How to Find a Driveway Dumpster:

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Determine Your Needs

The first step to getting a dumpster dropped off at your driveway is determining which dumpster size best fits your project needs.

Popular Dumpster Sizes for Driveways

Dumpsters come in various sizes measured in cubic yards. The most common dumpster sizes range from 10 to 40 cubic yards, but the most driveway-friendly dumpsters are 10-20 cubic yards. Dumpsters also come with included weight limits to consider, especially when loading heavy debris, like concrete or dirt.

Each dumpster company prices their dumpsters differently, including different weight limits, rental periods, and other restrictions in their price, so you'll want to consider all of this when choosing the dumpster size that's right for you. It's recommended that you get multiple dumpster rental quotes to compare pricing and services.

Dumpster Size Average Price (per Week) Average Weight Limit
10 yards $250-$450 1-3 tons
15 yards $350-$550 2-4 tons
20 yards $450-$650 3-5 tons

Estimate How Much Junk or Debris You Have

Knowing what dumpster sizes are available to you, it's time to get a rough idea of what you'll need to throw in the dumpster.

If you have a rough idea of how many cubic yards of junk or debris you'll have to put in the dumpster, you'll know which size is best for your needs. This may seem tricky, and the good news is that dumpster rental companies are experienced in helping customers choose the best size for them.

To give you a general idea, here are some popular projects and the dumpster sizes that typically work best for them...

Project Typical Dumpster Size

Small cleanout

Small remodel

Small demolition

10 yard dumpster

Small-medium cleanout

Small-medium remodel

Small-medium demolition

15 yard dumpster

Medium cleanout

Medium remodel

Medium demolition

20 yard dumpster

Dumpster Permits Typically Aren't Required

Placing a dumpster in a driveway doesn't usually require a permit. However, it's worth checking if your city or homeowner's association requires a permit for placing a dumpster in your driveway. If needed, you'll need to get the permit before the dumpster is dropped off. In most cases, a qualified and properly licensed and insured dumpster rental company will handle the permitting process for you. If a company doesn't get the necessary permits, it could be a sign that they don't have the necessary credentials.

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Find a Reputable Dumpster Company

Once you have an idea of your project's scope and dumpster needs, it's time to start looking for the right dumpster rental service.

Typically, this means calling around to different local companies to get quotes, but Hometown has made this process easy for you. Instead of scouring the internet and calling around, you can instead fill out our quote request form and get quotes from three different local companies with the click of a button. From there, they'll reach out to you to provide a quote and discuss their services more. Then you're free to book with whichever company has the best price and the best services for your project needs.

Be on the lookout for local dumpster rental companies with positive reviews and a good reputation for reliability and customer service.

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Prepare for Delivery and Placement

Once you coordinate a convenient delivery time with the dumpster rental company you choose, it's time to prepare for dumpster delivery.

Getting ready for dumpster drop-off is an important step to renting a driveway dumpster. The first step to doing so is providing clear instructions to the company you're renting from so they know where you want the dumpster placed in your driveway. This could be done in advance over the phone, but being there in person for the delivery is ideal, as you can direct the driver to the exact spot in your driveway where you want the dumpster placed.

Ensure there's enough space for the dumpster and for easy access for drop-off and pick-up, too. This involves removing any vehicles, bikes, or other obstacles from the area where the dumpster will be or its path of drop-off/pick-up.

It's also important to protect your driveway from dumpster damage. In many cases, the dumpster rental company will place wooden planks or plywood underneath the feet of the dumpster to protect the driveway from scratches or damage. Double check this when speaking to different dumpster rental companies to know whether or not they intend to take steps to protect your driveway.

Read on:

Load the Dumpster

Once the dumpster has been dropped off, it's time to load it up. When handling debris, junk, and trash, it's important to wear the necessary safety gear, like gloves, sturdy shoes, and protective eyewear to avoid injuries.

We recommend loading the bigger, heavier items into the dumpster first and distributing the weight as evenly within the dumpster as you can. This will maximize space and ensure safe transportation of the dumpster.

Schedule Pickup and Removal

After loading the dumpster, reach out to the dumpster rental company to let them know you're ready to have your dumpster picked up. Many companies will schedule a pick-up time in advance when booking the dumpster, so you may not necessarily need to call them, but some wait for your call, so clarify this with the companies you speak to.

Before pick-up, be sure to clear the area around the dumpster and leading to and from the dumpster so that the driver can easily access it for removal.

Finalize Payment

Once your dumpster has been hauled away and dumped at the landfill, you'll receive a final invoice if you incurred any additional fees. For example, if you fill your dumpster over the fill line, if you add too much weight to the dumpster, or if you put something in the dumpster that is prohibited, you'll likely be charged more than the rate you were initially quoted. Make this payment as per the rental company's terms (e.g., credit card, check).

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