Commercial Waste and Recycling in Peoria, AZ

Discover the top commercial waste companies serving Peoria, AZ. Hometown makes it simple to find a quality disposal service offering regularly scheduled trash and recycling collection for your business or commercial property.

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Commercial trash hauling service
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Since 2006, Team Clean and Haul Corporation has grown to be one of the Valley’s leading commercial trash haulers. We offer affordable pricing and service plans tailored to your needs. Choose between 4, 6 or 8 yard commercial front-load bins, commercial compactors, and roll off dumpsters.

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Unverified Commercial Waste Management Services

Commercial Waste Company LLC
Peoria, AZ 85345
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About Commercial Disposal Service in Peoria, AZ

What’s the approximate cost of commercial trash hauling service?

It varies by location and by dumpster size. For smaller dumpsters, you can expect to pay at about $100 per month, and more than double that for bigger containers (e.g., 8 cubic yard bin).

Commercial trash service rates may vary depending upon the type of establishment (e.g., restaurant, apartment building or retail store). Certain wastes cost more to dispose of or require special handling; food wastes or medical wastes are examples of wastes that require special handling. This is another major factor in determining your rate.

Monthly fees usually include the container, scheduled pick-ups and a weight limit. A weekly pickup schedule is common, but it can vary based on your location, container size and the waste hauler’s route schedule.

Example of pricing for a medium-sized business:

  • 2 yard container: $60-$120 per month
  • 4 yard container: $110-$150 per month
  • 6 yard container: $125-$175 per month
  • 8 yard container: $175-$250 per month

(This pricing is based on service costs in various locations across the country. The rates in your area may be outside the range of the figures above.)