Why You Should Avoid Dumpster Brokers When Possible

avoid dumpster brokers

Updated September 27, 2021

Dumpster brokers are the middlemen involved in a dumpster rental deal.

They're not exactly "bad guys," but it's still best to steer clear of these companies from a customer's perspective.

We'll go over common issues with renting a dumpster from a broker and how to avoid them.

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Common Issues With Renting From a Dumpster Broker

Brokers often act as if they are a local dumpster service, when in actuality, they don't own any dumpsters and likely aren't local.

After the broker takes your order, they contact a dumpster rental provider local to your area to deliver and pick up the dumpster.

They essentially act as a middle man for a service that you could easily arrange yourself, all while charging more than the local company actually providing the service. 

Here's the problem with booking a dumpster through a broker:

  1. You often pay more. Brokers usually charge a higher price so they can take a cut and still pass on the local service provider's normal fee.  
  2. You're not in direct contact with the actual delivery company. This can often result in poor service or confusion.

Dealing direct is far better than dealing with a broker.

Dumpster brokers are hard to spot because they typically don’t announce the fact that they are a broker.

You can avoid these companies by calling known dumpster providers in your area or by booking through Hometown Dumpster Rental.

Dumpster pricing can be a bit confusing, but Hometown has surveyed dumpster companies in all 50 states to find the average cost of renting a 10 or 20 yard container in metro areas across the country.

Our dumpster sizing guide can help you choose the best size for your project.

How to Avoid Renting From a Dumpster Broker

renting from a locally-owned company can save you money

Hometown is neither a dumpster broker nor a dumpster rental company.

We provide information and verified reviews about locally-owned dumpster rental companies throughout the country.

You can use your zip code to find reputable providers in your area and request free quotes to price compare

Local companies do not pay a fee to be listed on Hometown Dumpster Rental and unlike a broker service, you're in complete control of who you hire.

In a brokering situation, you may have no idea which dumpster service is actually delivering your dumpster rental.

We verify every company we list to make sure they are appropriately licensed and insured before publishing their information for consumers. 

Whether you contact a company through our site or through theirs, you will be given the same price because unlike dumpster brokers, we don't charge you a fee to do your own research and make your own arrangements.

We have our own team dedicated to following up with customers who find their dumpster rental through our site to learn more about their experience. 

Any company that fails to meet our quality guidelines are removed from the Hometown website.

Bottom line: We don’t work with companies that have poor reputations or bad customer service.

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