The Process of Obtaining a Dumpster Rental Permit

dumpster rental permits

A dumpster permit is required in certain situations.

Find out when it’s required to obtain a dumpster permit and how to go about getting it.


When a Dumpster Permit Is Required

If your container will be placed in the public right of way, it's a universal rule that you will need a dumpster rental permit.

The public right of way includes:

  • City streets
  • Sidewalks
  • Alleyway
  • City-owned property (parking lots, etc.)

A licensed and reputable dumpster rental company will have no problem obtaining a dumpster rental permit on your behalf if required.

When a Dumpster Permit Is Not Required

Most cities do not require a dumpster permit when the dumpster is placed on private property and is not blocking the public right of way.

This includes:

  • Your driveway
  • Private land
  • Commercial private property

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Be Aware of Your City's Requirements

While the general rules stated above are the lay of the law in most US cities, some local governments may require permits in varying circumstances.

It’s important to check with your local government public works department, or the department in charge of permitting, to find specific laws for your location.

How to Obtain a Dumpster Permit

Dumpster permit applications are generally short and take no more less than 20 minutes to complete.

In some cities, like Denver, Colorado, the dumpster rental company must fill out and obtain the permit, not the renter.

In other cities, the homeowner, business owner, or contractor may be responsible for obtaining it.

Check with your dumpster rental provider to determine the requirement in your city.

Step 1

Contact a dumpster rental provider near you and discuss your project needs.

If it’s determined that a dumpster permit is necessary, make arrangements with the dumpster rental company to obtain it.

Step 2

If the dumpster provider agrees (or is required) to obtain it, your job is done!

If you are obtaining the permit, move to the next step.

Step 3

Contact your local public works or transportation department by telephone or online.

If you're not sure which city department handles permitting, contact the main office line and they will point you in the right direction.

Step 4

Fill out the application required by your city, and pay the fee if applicable.

The application is oftentimes accessible online.

Once completed, you can mail, drop off or submit the application online.

Allow several days to a week for processing.

Step 5

Once permit is approved, be sure the city rules are followed to ensure compliance.

Common rules include placing traffic cones on both sides of the dumpster, reflective tape on the sides of the dumpster, permit must be visible on the dumpster, etc.

Dumpster Permit Application Example

Here is an example of what a typical dumpster permit application looks like.

This one happens to be for the city of Denver, CO, where the dumpster rental company is required to obtain the permit.

Denver dumpster rental permit application

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