What Items Can and Can't Go in a Bagster?

Bagster filled with trash sitting on driveway

Updated June 21, 2023

Dumpster bags, like the Bagster from Waste Management, have become popular in recent years largely due to their availability, low upfront cost (more on that later), and convenience.

This guide will discuss what can and can’t go inside a Bagster, how much a Bagster costs, and the things you should keep in mind when considering dumpster bag use.

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Basic Bagster Info Infographic

Bagster Size and Capacity

Bagster being picked up by Waste Management

Made out of a tough tarp-like material, Bagsters can hold up to 3 cubic yards of material. The average bag dumpster's dimensions are 8 ft L x 4 ft W x 2.5 ft H.

A bag dumpster's shape and size is designed to accommodate common household junk and debris, like drywall or plywood sheets, doors, 8-foot boards, bathtubs, and small debris.

What Fits Inside a Bagster:

  • Roughly 900 sq ft of carpeting
  • 1,000-1,300 sq ft of hardwood flooring
  • 40-50 sheets of drywall
  • 1 cubic yard of heavy debris (concrete, brick, sod, asphalt, stucco, etc.)

Remember: These are rough estimates, so you may not be able to fit this exact amount in your bag dumpster if not loaded carefully and intentionally.

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What You Can Put in a Bagster

Items Allowed
Items Not Allowed
Items Allowed in Some Markets
Bathtub Appliances Brush
Bikes Asbestos Leaves
Broken Toys Batteries Mulch
Cabinets Chemicals Shrubs
Carpeting Electronics Sod
Concrete Fluorescent Bulbs Tree Clippings
Construction & Demolition Debris Food Waste Yard Waste
Dirt Fuel  
Doors Hazardous Materials  
Drywall Hot Materials  
Flooring Liquids  
Furniture Medical Waste  
Grill (no propane) Oil  
Household Junk Paint  
Insulation Propane  
Mattresses Railroad Ties  
Old Luggage    
Roofing Shingles    
Trim Materials    
Wooden Furniture    


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How the Bagster Process Works

Step 1: You purchase the Bagster from an authorized retailer, like Home Depot.

Step 2: You fill up the Bagster with debris, making sure to abide by the loading rules and guidelines

Step 3: Contact WM to pick up and haul away your Bagster for disposal.

Average Costs of Bag Dumpsters

Bagster filled with materials by sidewalk

A Bagster costs roughly $30 to purchase, but it costs more than that to have hauled away. The real question is, "How much is Bagster pickup?"

The exact cost to have a Bagster picked up and disposed of will vary by location, but you can expect a bag dumpster to cost $130-$320 on average to dispose of.

So, in total, a Bagster costs approximately $150-$350, but your cost may be higher or lower depending on your location.

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How Junk Removal Can Pick Up the Slack

Junk removal workers standing by truck

If you have any items or debris that are not allowed in your Bagster or that don't fit, hiring a junk removal company to haul away the leftovers is a quick and convenient way to finish the job.

If it’s a small amount of material, the cost of hiring a junk removal company to haul it away can be as little as less than $100 depending on where you live and exactly what you need to get rid of. In some cases, it may actually be more cost-effective to hire a junk removal company to handle the cleanup instead of using a Bagster for the job at all.

You’ll often find that junk removal services cost less than the total cost of a Bagster for small debris removal projects, and the convenience of having someone else handle the cleanup can’t be beat.

As previously mentioned, the cost for Bagster service is typically in the $150-$350 range, while the cost for junk removal service can be less than that depending on how much you have. Again, various factors play a role in the cost of any disposal, such as your location, type of material, etc.

If you’re considering a Bagster for your project, we always recommend taking a quick look at local dumpster rental companies and how much it would cost to rent a 10 yard dumpster, because typically, renting a 10 yard dumpster costs less than a Bagster.

Hometown makes it easy to get free quotes from dumpster rental and junk removal service providers near you to ensure you get the best price for great services.

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