Learn how to compost your garbage to fertilize your garden

Composting 101: What's In, What's Out?

Learn how to compost the right way, what is compostable, and what is not with our informative infographic.

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Composting is great for the environment

Complete Guide to Composting Your Trash

Find out why composting is a great way to start living a greener lifestyle and how it benefits the environment without taking much extra work. Discover everything you need to know in order to get started composting your trash and yard waste.

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$165 billion dollars worth of food is wasted in the U.S. each year

Let’s Talk About Food Waste

Americans thrown away an average of $165 billion worth of food each year. Learn more about how to prevent food waste.

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composting coming to Vermont

Mandatory Composting Coming to Vermont

Learn all about Vermont's impending law to require the composting of food scraps, yard debris, and clean wood.

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worm composting at airport

Airport Feeds Trash to Worms, Makes Free Fertilizer

Find out what the Charlotte/Douglass airport in North Carolina is doing to minimize it's footprint by recycling and composting waste on-site.

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