Waste Removal Tips & Advice

Prom Dresses Made from Trash
What better way to make lasting memories at this year’s prom than wearing a trashy tuxedo or dress made from garbage? Sounds weird, but some creative individuals are actually doing just that. Even more surprising is that some of the clothes are actually pretty stylish. Whether or not the garbage garments actually smell like something other than trash is yet to be determined.
Dumpsters may not be the quintessential canvas for artists, but they are for Ryan Christensen of Washington-based Steelplant…and we love it! He has designed one of the coolest desktop accessories you’ll ever see—or at least the coolest you’ll see today—called the desktop dumpster.
Glass fragments at Guantanamos Glass Beach
Mother Nature works in mysterious ways, and that’s a good thing in this case. Near Fort Bragg, California lies MacKerricher State Park nestled along the scenic shoreline. The beach here is known as “Glass Beach” due to the millions upon millions of colorful pieces of glass that line the beach.
Greg Kloehn's NYC based dumpster house
Greg Kloehn is a designer from California that created livable space from waste. He turned a commercial dumpster into a fully-functioning dumpster house complete with bed, kitchen and electricity.
Before and after - messy home transformation
Here are seven easy tips for cleaning up the junk overtaking your home.
Messy bungalow home
While “location, location, location” is the undisputed number one rule in real estate, this rule can get thrown out the door if the perfectly located home is filled to the brim with junk. Decluttering a home not only significantly increases its value but also improves the odds it even sells in the first place.
Roll-off Dumpster Rental Container
Determining which size dumpster is right for your particular cleanup job is critically important. Getting too small of a container can lead to overage charges and/or delays in clearing the junk material from your home or business.