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Before and after - messy home transformation

Clutter has a knack for taking over homes before the homeowner even realizes what hit ‘em. And it’s not just an aesthetic problem; a messy home poses health risks as well. It’s an especially harmful environment for children and anyone with respiratory problems or allergies. Moral of the story – it’s time to clean house! Here are seven easy tips for cleaning up the junk overtaking your home.
Messy bungalow home

While “location, location, location” is the undisputed number one rule in real estate, this rule can get thrown out the door if the perfectly located home is filled to the brim with junk. Decluttering a home not only significantly increases its value but also improves the odds it even sells in the first place.

Radio Controlled Lego Roll Off Dumpster Truck Check out this awesome remote controlled roll-off dumpster truck made from LEGOs.
Roll-off Dumpster Rental Container

Determining which size dumpster is right for your particular cleanup job is critically important. Getting too small of a container can lead to overage charges and/or delays in clearing the junk material from your home or business.