Waste Removal Tips & Advice

Trash and junk transformed into art and sculpture
It’s no secret we love junk here at Trash Talk, and now we want to share the beautiful side of garbage with you. These are some of the best examples of junk turned into artistic masterpieces. It’s just another creative and unique way to reuse stuff instead of sending it off to the landfill. Enjoy...
Messy house and kitchen
Decluttering a home has the power to maximize a home's value in a competitive real estate marketplace, and it makes your home standout against the competition.
Trash filled plastic chair
As silly as it sounds, the idea of trash furniture -- a chair stuffed with garbage -- is an idea already dreamed up by an enterprising young man named Nick DeMarco.
Shadow art made from junk
It’s incredible to think that a pile of trash can actually turn into an amazing work of art with a little creativity. Shadow art is an art form where the artist attempts to create interesting shadows using light pointed strategically at various objects, in this case, garbage.
Trash removal, sorting and recycling is big business, we're talking in the billions of dollars per year in the U.S. alone. This infographic will give you a little bit of an idea how much trash is processed in the U.S. each year, as well as the trend toward recycling initiatives across the country.
Build house with recycled materials
A Texas-based building company may have a solution to the problem of scarce building materials – tiny homes made from up to 99% salvaged building materials right down to the nails.
Composting is a great way to start living a greener lifestyle. It doesn’t take much extra work and offers a long list of benefits. Discover everything you need to know to get started composting your trash and yard waste.
Hoarding is an all-to-common problem that is today recognized as a mental disorder. Despite the fact hoarding can be harmful to your mental and physical health, it's good to know that it's a very treatable problem. If you're "collecting" is bordering on out-of-control, use the infographic created by MyMove.com titled Are You a Hoarder to take a more light-hearted approach to diagnosing the problem.
Valuable items found in the trash
We’ve all heard the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, these are some of the most extreme cases you’ll ever hear about. It’s unbelievable what sort of items people find when digging through the trash, from high-end gadgets to historic relics and priceless items. Let me show you what I mean…
Volkswagon Beetle made from junk
Although most of these cars and trucks don’t actually run like a normal vehicle, you have to admit that an automobile made exclusively from trash is the at least the coolest thing you’ll see online today. Whether the maker’s purpose be to raise awareness of environmental issues, recycling or just for plain old fashioned fun, these innovative works of art show how trash can be turned into some pretty incredible structures.
Prohibited items when using a rented dumpster
State laws vary regarding the types of material that can enter local landfills as do the list of prohibited items local dumpster rental companies accept. Here’s a quick rundown of several of the most common items prohibited by dumpster rental companies and how to properly dispose of them.
Trashcam Dumpster Camera
A group of creative sanitation workers in Hamburg, Germany have found a way to combine their love for photography with their daily duties as Garbage men. The workers were allowed to modify city dumpsters by cutting small pinholes in the side of the container and affixing a camera and photo paper inside. The photos are surprisingly amazing, and show a new perspective of the city not typically seen.
yellow roll-off dumpster with Hometown logo
Whether it’s for a spring cleanout or a major remodeling job, renting a dumpster can help get the job done more efficiently. However, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to help minimize the overall cost and to move the process along smoothly. Here are five essential tips to keep in mind when renting a roll off container.
Dumpster converted into a swimming pool
Repurposing roll-off dumpsters into urban swimming pools has taken off around the country in recent years. What a refreshing new way to repurpose an otherwise unused piece of steel. Old dumpsters are being recycled into urban swimming pools in Atlanta, New York, and other large cities across the U.S.
Prom Dresses Made from Trash
What better way to make lasting memories at this year’s prom than wearing a trashy tuxedo or dress made from garbage? Sounds weird, but some creative individuals are actually doing just that. Even more surprising is that some of the clothes are actually pretty stylish. Whether or not the garbage garments actually smell like something other than trash is yet to be determined.