Waste Removal Tips & Advice

Large dumpster rental costs
Always rent a bigger dumpster than you think you'll need to finish the job. Renting a dumpster that's too small can lead to possible overweight charges, delays, and/or having to spend money to rent another dumpster to complete the job.
Rent a dumpster for dirt removal
Although it’s organic and comes from nature, dirt can't be dumped just anywhere. Renting a dumpster for bulk dirt removal is an effective strategy. Learn all about this and other dirt removal strategies that will work for your project.
Dumpster sizes chart and what each size will hold
Determine which dumpster size is right for your project with the help of our infographic. By using visualizations and real-world examples, we'll help you save on dumpster costs by ensuring you choose the right roll-off dumpster size for your needs.
where to dump yard waste
Learn the best yard waste disposal methods, as well as how to rent a dumpster for yard waste, yard debris recycling, green waste handling, yard waste pickup service, and much more.
clean out my garage
Our comprehensive garage cleanout and organization guide offers strategies, tips, and tricks for achieving a clean and organized garage. Finally, achieve a clean, well-kept and organized garage using this guide to help get you started.
Guide to renting a small dumpster, or mini dumpster
For small cleanups, like remodeling jobs, attic cleanouts, and spring cleaning, small dumpsters less than 10 cubic yards offer the perfect balance between affordability and convenience. See if a mini dumpster is right for your project.
Demolition site dumpster rental
Contractors can save on disposal costs by planning ahead. In addition to cost savings, proper planning also helps improve efficiency, workflow and boosts workplace safety. Here's our contractor's guide to renting dumpsters for large-scale construction and demolition projects.
How to get rid of old furniture
Wondering how to get rid of old furniture? It's pretty simple when utilizing a junk removal service or renting a dumpster. This guide will cover everything you need to know, including junk hauling services, dumpster rental, and donation, as well as the costs associated with each option.
keys to success when renting a dumpster for demo debris
If you’re planning on doing some interior demolition, and you’re curious how you should get rid of all the debris that will inevitably pile up, read our dumpster rental keys to success.
dumpster weight limits
Estimating how much debris can fit into a dumpster requires an understanding of the different weight limits and the specific type of debris you have. Keep reading to find out how much "stuff" can fit into the most common dumpster sizes and weight limits.
Discounts for one day dumpster rentals
Save on the cost of a single-day dumpster rental using these three simple strategies. One example involves renting midweek rather than on the weekend. Read on for more details and tips.
Roof shingle tear off disposal weight and cost
Determine the weight of shingle debris from a roof tear-off quickly and get insider tips on how to save big money on the cost of roof shingle disposal.
Overpaying for a dumpster - A cautionary story
Misunderstanding the dumpster rental agreement, specifically the length of the rental period, can lead to hefty additional fees when your final bill shows up. A woman in Michigan recently found that out as her invoice ballooned to nearly 4x the original quoted price due to late fees incurred by keeping the dumpster for extra days.
Story about overpaying for a roll-off container rental
If there were ever an example of why you should get quotes from multiple dumpster rental companies, this is it. This is a real example of how a roofing contractor nearly paid $155 more than he should've by unknowingly booking a roll-off container from a dumpster broker.
The stress of moving
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 36 million people move from one place in America to another every single year. Whether you’re moving out for the first time, downsizing, or moving to a bigger place, the entire process is just plain stressful; but we're here to help.