Waste Removal Tips & Advice

Researchers estimate the worldwide waste output in 2100 to be three times that of today. If things don't change this century, we could all be literally living in a pool of trash decades from now.
what fits in a 30 yard dumpster?
Need to know if a 30 cubic yard dumpster is the right size for the job? This dumpster size reference guide focuses on 30 yard containers and will help you determine when it's the ideal container size for your project.
Cardboard wine bottle - Paper Boy
A cardboard wine bottle is now a reality thanks to Paper Boy. It's made from 100% recycled cardboard and is up to 85% lighter than traditional glass wine bottles. It's an eco-friendly spin on a classic design.
20 yard dumpster comparison
20 yard dumpsters are a medium-sized bin and the most commonly rented container size across the country. 20 yard dumpster rental prices average $400 per week, and Hometown can help you find the best rates in your hometown.
Food scraps sign for composting in Vermont
Vermont is the first state in the nation to enact a law that makes composting mandatory for everyone. It’s all part of Act 148, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, which was put into effect in 2012. The plan will roll out in phases and be fully implemented by 2020.
uses for a 10 yard dumpster
10 yard dumpsters are economical and feature a small footprint, making them the ideal choice for small home cleanout projects, roof tear-offs, and light demolition projects. This guide will explain when a 10 yard container is right for the job and when it's not.
Ways to go green - quote from Jane Goodall
Looking for a way to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? You've come to the right place. We've compiled a huge list of ways to go green and tips to go along. Start living a more sustainable lifestyle today!
St Bernards save lives in winter, Dumpsters save lives in Spring
Okay, so it's Spring once again and we all know that Spring is often associated with not only weather changes, but decluttering and organizing your home or work place. A few things that are most important when it comes to Spring Cleaning is saving time, energy, and cost. We have compiled 7 ways that renting a dumpster can really shape up your Spring projects and bring new life into your home or business. 
Cleaning up Mt Everest from Waste and Garbage
Mt. Everest stands 29,035 feet above sea level and is known for being the highest mountain on earth. From afar the mountain is jawdroppingly beautiful. Upclose and personal it is riddled with empty oxygen tanks, food containers, and all kinds of garbage.  
Professor lives in a dumpster for a year
Professor Dumpster is out to make a point about sustainable living. Can you live a pretty good life living in 1% the size of the average new american home? With 1% of the water, 1% of the energy, and 1% of the waste?
Recycled tires transformed into new things
There are more than 100 million scrap tires stockpiled across the U.S. and many more rotting away in landfills. One solution is to reuse or upcycle these tires into new creations. Here are more than 60 eco-friendly examples of what can be done with scrap tires.
america recycles flag for recycling organizations
Find out what nonprofit organizations are doing in your state regarding recycling and waste diversion. This is a state-by-state listing of recycling organizations helping to make your state a greener place to live. Be sure to do your part and join one of them today.
Eco-friendly, sustainable city graphic
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released its first comprehensive report in late-2013 detailing the economic and environmental benefits of LEED certification. Here are some of the key findings.
HometownRep - reputation management for trash haulers
Learn the importance of reputation management for small service providers. See how HometownRep makes it simple for all Hometown clients to establish and manage their online reputation.
Sewer - man hole cover
Applied CleanTech has developed an efficient way to harness sewage to save money on wastewater processing and produce a valuable byproduct called Recyllose. It's a dirty job, but worth doing it! The innovative process will reportedly save one Dutch paper mill company $389 million per year.