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One Bin For All in Houston, TX

UPDATE (8/22/17): The One Bin initiative in Houston is now a defunct program, and the city is currently facing a lawsuit from EcoHub for issues relating to the original bidding process in obtaining the recycling contract, according to The Texas Monitor. More details to this story here. Below, read about the original plan to implement One Bin For All in the City of Houston. Recycling rates are pretty poor on average in the U.S. -- about 30% nationwide. The recycling rate in Houston, TX is less than half the national average!
Houston, TX becoming one of America's greenest cities

In part 1 of our ongoing infographic series called "America's Greenest Cities", we take a look at why Houston, TX is becoming one of the most eco-friendly cities in the United States.
Miller Coors logo with recycle symbol

On the eve of Labor Day weekend, 2013, there’ll no doubt be plenty of backyard BBQs and more than a few cold ones being cracked open over the next few days. So, we got beer on our minds!
Garbage Man Joe - Joe Jarvis

Joe Jarvis isn’t your average 5-year-old. Sure he enjoys playing with Legos and visiting his Grandma’s house on the weekend, but the fact that he has already started his own trash business is a bit extraordinary.
Surfing a wave filled with ocean trash

It’s a remarkable photo taken by senior photographer at Surfer Magazine, Zak Noyle. While at first glance it seems that a bit of photo manipulation was used to make the image a bit more surreal, but that’s not the case. The trash you see floating alongside the surfer is the real deal.
Roofing shingle recycling

Recycling shingles into new asphalt pavement mix rather than dumping them in landfills saves the contractor and homeowner money. In some cases, it costs half as much to recycle shingles compared to the tipping fee costs at landfills. RELATED READING
Unsustainable Creatures art exhibit by Cynthia Minet

(7/1013) If you’ve flown into or out of the Los Angeles airport recently, you may have noticed some illuminated life-size sculptures of animals on display while walking through the Tom Bradley Terminal.
Kroger's clean energy facility located on-site at its Compton, CA food distribution plant

A leading food distributor and retailer recently announced a new clean energy initiative that would convert 55,000 tons of food waste annually into usable biogas to offset the costs of powering its 650,000 square foot distribution center located in the Los Angeles area. FIND: Dumpsters for Rent in Los Angeles
Homemade rain gutter bookshelf system

Need an inexpensive way to organize and declutter the books in your kid’s room, your home library, or your reading nook? Head to the home improvement store with a $20 bill to get started. Rain gutters – yeah, the kind that are on your house – make perfect bookshelves in areas that are limited on space.
Trex turns plastic into composite decking

The world’s biggest manufacturer of composite decking and railing has kept more than 2.5 billion pounds of wood and plastic from entering landfills during the past five years – that’s quite a few trees and plastic bags. Trex Company has been in the wood-alternative decking business for 20 years and its products are stocked at retailers nationwide.
Down in the Dumps sculptures and art

UK-based artist Mark Roberts (aka Markrobla) recently presented a public art series he called “Down in the Dumps.”
Dumpster prohibited items infographic

We've discussed before what can go into a dumpster and what can't, but this infographic will explain the do's and don'ts of filling a dumpster in more of a visual format. 
Bike Constructed of Junk Parts Generates Electricity

Some green-minded students in France managed to transform discarded junk into recumbent-style exercise bikes that generated enough electricity to power an entire film festival. The wooden bikes were constructed of waste debris taken from trash bins and were then retrofitted with small generators to produce 100% clean pedal power. The engineering students were from School of Mines in Saint-Étienne, and they worked alongside local designers as part of the Open Sources project aimed at finding a way to generate electricity from kinetic energy.
Beach litter

He’s not your average artist; in fact, he works with trash found littered along highways and on beaches across the country. Barry Rosenthal is a New York photographer who stumbled onto using trash as an artistic medium after years of shooting plants in nature and realizing there was so much garbage littering these areas.
Houses constructed from old airplanes

Ever wonder where old airplanes go when they retire?...It's not to a retirement community in Florida. Most actually end up in so-called “aircraft boneyards” located primarily in the deserts of the Southwestern United States. These boneyards are basically junkyards for aircraft of all types.