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Cartoon showing fish swimming in a polluted ocean

The 2012 results of the annual International Coastal Cleanup were recently announced and the results show that yes, we are all slobs! Well, not all of us, but the findings were pretty astounding nonetheless.
Map of top 10 cities with green homes in the U.S.

Does your city make the cut? A list of the top 10 cities with the greenest homes was released by online real estate broker Redfin, and these 10 cities are definitely heading in the right direction when it comes to green living.

Americans are addicted to green -- no, we're not talking about the "green" that's legal in a handful of states for medicinal use. We're talking about living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.
Thermostats polluting landfills with mercury

The EPA estimates that two to three million thermostats come out of service every year in the U.S., yet less than 10 percent of them are recycled properly.
Trash incineration process graphic

Trash incineration is a growing trend in the United States, and we’re not talking about trash barrel burning in your backyard. We’re talking about the large-scale waste-to-energy facilities located across the country.
e-Cycle takes old electronics for cash

One of the biggest cell phone and tablet buyback companies is now accepting devices from consumers. e-Cycle is one of the fastest growing environmental service companies in the U.S., and up until now, they only recycled e-waste from large businesses and corporations. Now they’ve opened the doors for consumers to cash in by sending in old cell phones or tablets for proper recycling.
Paving the street with recycled plastic mixed in asphalt

It seems logical that keeping trash off the roadways is the eco-friendly thing to do, but not in this case. Vancouver B.C. is the first city in the world integrating a new plastic-to-asphalt technology to literally add trash into the asphalt mix. It’s all part of the city’s plan to become the world’s Greenest City by 2020.
Turning trash into construction materials for building

Photo Source: Gary Jackson Typically, the goal is to get garbage out of the house and carted off to the landfill. That’s not the case here. Some creative, eco-minded individuals are taking trash and using it to construct full-fledge, livable housing. These homes are built from scrap metal, reclaimed lumber, soda cans and bottles, plastic waste, shipping containers, and plain old trash. Living in a “dump” has never been so sweet!
Tech inventions built from trash and junk parts

Some people see garbage as an opportunity. It takes quite a bit of imagination and ingenuity to transform household junk into innovative tech gadgets and doohickeys. Here are some of the coolest examples of how you can repurpose trash with a twist of tech.
Filabot recycles plastic into filament

Plastic waste makes up more than 12-percent of all waste entering landfills in the U.S., according to 2010 figures from the EPA, which is equivalent to about 31 million tons. Only about 8-percent of this plastic trash was recycled, so that leaves quite a bit plastic junk lying around.
Save money on dumpster rentals

Renting a dumpster can get quite expensive if you go at it blindly. There are easy ways to ensure you’re getting the best price on a dumpster rental for whatever project you need it for. Why spend $500 for a dumpster when you can get it for $350? We can show you how.
Recycled Orchestra builds its own instruments from junk found at the local landfill

A group of young musicians living in a remote Paraguayan village located near a landfill view trash in a much brighter light than the rest of us. So many kids in the area were interested in playing music that there weren’t enough instruments to go around. Solution: Build musical instruments out of found materials at the landfill. Ceteura, Paraguay is a slum town situated virtually on top of a landfill. Many of the residents make their income by rummaging through the trash to find any valuables they can turn around and sell. For some, it’s their only way to make money.
Wedding and garbage truck

Is there a better place to renew your wedding vows than right alongside a Heil Environmental 7000 automated side-loading garbage truck? According to Ronnie Keshishian, nope! He recently surprised his wife of 16 years with the unique wedding-vow-renewal ceremony in front of about 200 people.
Worm composting at Charlotte Douglas Airport

North Carolina’s Charlotte/Douglas International Airport (CLT) is on the cutting edge of manufacturing huge quantities of worm poop…Huh!? It’s true, and it’s not gross; it actually makes this airport one of the most eco-friendly in the United States.
iRecycle app from Earth911

Source: Earth911.com The holidays are over but now the real work begins: Cleaning up the excess of wrapping paper, cardboard, obsolete household items, and the list goes on. Fortunately, technology is here to help. An innovative new mobile makes it a breeze to find recycling centers near you willing to take your unwanted holiday junk.