Waste Removal Tips & Advice

Bike Constructed of Junk Parts Generates Electricity
A team of engineering students in France developed two recumbent style bikes made from junk wood. The best part is they produce electricity using a basic chain-driven generator and battery hook-up.
Beach litter
He’s not your average artist; in fact, he works with trash found littered along highways and on beaches across the country. Barry Rosenthal is a New York photographer who stumbled onto using trash as an artistic medium after years of shooting plants in nature and realizing there was so much garbage littering these areas.
Houses constructed from old airplanes
Thousands of retired aircraft are rusting away in boneyards scattered across the Southwest. Some lucky birds, however, are being resurrected into comfortable, eco-friendly residences.
old cell phone
E-waste is a growing problem in the U.S. with about 2.37 million tons of electronic devices disposed of annually (EPA). ecoATM recycles e-waste and has currently handled 1 million devices and counting.
Cartoon showing fish swimming in a polluted ocean
The 2012 results of the annual International Coastal Cleanup were recently announced and the results show that yes, we are all slobs! Well, not all of us, but the findings were pretty astounding nonetheless.
Map of top 10 cities with green homes in the U.S.
A list of the 10 cities in America for green homes has been released. A green home is one with eco-friendly features, such as Energy Star appliances, low-flow faucets and more.
Is this the "Green Generations"? It would seem so according to a new survey that finds a vast majority of Americans care about recycling and living an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Thermostats polluting landfills with mercury
Only about 10-percent of mercury-filled thermostats are recycled properly, meaning tons of toxic mercury is entering landfills each year. It's a public health crisis that needs to be addressed.
Trash incineration process graphic
14% of the trash generated in the U.S. is burned at trash incineration facilities, generating 19 billion kWh of electricity and keeping millions of tons of garbage from entering landfills.
e-Cycle takes old electronics for cash
Cell phones and other electronic devices contain a variety of potentially toxic elements and should be recycled properly. You can now recycle your phone with e-Cycle and earn money for it.
Paving the street with recycled plastic mixed in asphalt
Vancouver is taking plastic waste and putting it into its streets, literally. A new plastic/asphalt mixture is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt.
Turning trash into construction materials for building
Not all junk is bound for landfills. Check out these awesomely creative houses constructed out of trash and recyclables.
Tech inventions built from trash and junk parts
Turning trash into technological awesomeness takes quite a a bit of imagination, creativity, and of course, junk! These are five very cool examples of how people have turned regular old garbage into advanced technology.
Filabot recycles plastic into filament
Plastic waste is a huge problem in America -- more than 31 million tons enter landfills each year. Filabot hopes to change that; it's a desktop robot designed to eat plastic waste and spit out plastic filament for use with 3D printers.
Save money on dumpster rentals
There are several effective ways to save money on a dumpster rental in your hometown. We have the tips you need to save as much as a few hundred dollars next you time you need a roll-off container for a clean-out or construction project.