Waste Removal Tips & Advice

dumpster rental 101
Learn everything there is to know about renting a dumpster and how to get the best price. Explore tips on getting the right dumpster size, understanding rental terms, and what affects cost.
Cheap dumpster rental tips
Get the lowest rate possible on your next dumpster rental by following these simple tips. You can save $20, $50 or more. 
Dimensions of a 15 yard dumpster
Medium size dumpsters, like 15 cubic yard roll-off containers, work well for many types of cleanups. Because of its compact size, it’s an ideal choice for residential use, including small demolition projects, roofing, garage cleanouts, whole-home flooring removal, renovation, additions, and more.
capacity of a 20 yard dumpster
20 yard dumpsters are considered "medium-sized" dumpsters and are ideal for a wide range of cleanups. Will it work for your project? This guide will help you decide.
Moving dumpster rental
Garages, sheds, basements, even entire homes seem to accumulate trash and junk under the nose of the homeowner, only to be discovered as moving day rolls around. It’s amazing how much stuff is uncovered during a move—stuff that’s largely unwanted or unneeded.
Demolition dumpster
A dumpster is an ideal disposal solution for residential demolition. However, although it is quick and convenient, choosing the right dumpster size can be tricky. If you get a dumpster that's too small, you'll be stuck with extra debris. If you get a dumpster that's too big, it can drive up disposal costs. We’ll help you find that sweet spot.
Waste hauling companies collusion
A recent example of shady pricing collusion between two waste hauling companies in New York State serves as a reminder to stay vigilant when getting price quotes for dumpsters and trash collection services. Here are some tips to avoid falling victim to situations like this.
How much does it cost to haul away junk?
Various factors come into play when determining how much it costs to have junk hauled away. There are several options for homeowners and businesses; the main ones being hiring a junk removal company or hauling it to the disposal facility yourself. We’ll cover the costs associated with both options.
Dumpster size for shingle roof tear off
Choosing a dumpster for roofing shingle debris can be tricky considering the dense nature of the material. It's a low volume, high-density material, so it's important to accurately estimate the weight of the shingle debris you're dealing with before renting the dumpster. This guide will show you how.
30 cubic yard dumpster dimensions
30 yard dumpsters are versatile dumpsters that come in various dimensions, the most common being 22 ft. x 8 ft. x 6 ft. (L x W x H). Learn more about 30 cubic yard dumpsters, when to use this size roll-off container, and other useful tips.
can you throw a mattress in a dumpster?
Disposing of a mattress can be tricky. It's not something that can simply be tossed in with the weekly curbside wastes. It requires special care due to its bulk. Learn the various options that can make mattress disposal simple and hassle-free.
Do I need a dumpster permit?
In some situations, a dumpster permit is required for a dumpster rental. With this guide, we'll walk you through the simple process of obtaining a dumpster permit, as well as the information related to permitting costs, how to get one, whether or not you even need one, and more.
Cost comparison between renting a dumpster and DIY waste removal
It's obvious that hauling waste to the landfill yourself is more cost-efficient compared to renting a dumpster...Or is it? The cost difference may be closer than you think. We'll compare these costs and provide some key things to consider before deciding on a disposal method.
Stop people from dumping their trash in your dumpster rental
It's, unfortunately, a common issue—people tossing their trash in dumpsters they didn't pay for. When you rent a roll-off dumpster, these tips will help significantly minimize the risk of illegal dumping.
cost of dumpster for a 7-day rental
A 7-day rental period is very common in the dumpster rental industry. We'll discuss the cost of renting a 10, 20, 30, 40, or larger dumpster for a 1-week rental. Also, get tips on how to choose the best dumpster rental provider and how to get the best deal.