Furniture Removal

furniture loaded onto trailer connected to vehicle

Guide to Getting Rid of Furniture During a Home Cleanout

If you're doing a cleanout of your home, whether before a move or during a spring cleaning project, you likely have some furniture you need to get rid of. Find out three of the best ways to get rid of furniture and how Hometown can help.

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Old, broken furniture and refrigerator outside

Who Will Pick Up Used Appliances or Furniture for Free?

Hometown understands that being savvy and saving money is important when it comes to removal projects. Read about multiple different methods to get your old appliances and furniture picked up and hauled away for free.

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broken couch sitting by the curb for pick-up

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Furniture, Appliances, and More

Junk removal services offer a fast, convenient solution for removing furniture, appliances, and all kinds of household junk, debris, or heavy items. Find junk removal services near you and get answers to common questions.

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Getting rid of an old couch

How to Get Rid Of a Couch

Learn about the different ways to get rid of an old couch and why hiring a junk removal service is a quick and easy option.

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furniture loaded onto truck and hauled away

All You Need to Know About Furniture Removal Costs

Find out how much furniture removal costs. Discover your options, including junk hauling services, dumpster rental, and donation, and choose the best furniture removal method for you.

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